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January/February 2013

January/February 2013


Saving the Antique Chicken
The U of A Poultry Research Centre hatches plan to save heritage birds

The Science of Eggs | How to Cook an Egg
Emulsify, bind or leaven, eggs do it all.

The Awesome Egg
O, wonderous egg, the perfect food | Karen Virag

A Chicken in Every Backyard
The urban quest for fresh eggs | Mary Bailey

The Essential Egg
Nothing beats the egg

The Seventeenth Century Egg
Forsooth! | Kristine Kowalchuk

Big Food
Some people might call it an obsession | Jan Hostyn


Gastronomic happenings around town

Feeding People
Chefs taste eggs

The Proust Culinary Questionnaire
Adriano Zenari, Zenari’s

Wine Maven
Mary Bailey

Alberta Pantry
Fresh quail, duck and certified organic chicken eggs

Beer Guy
Happy New Beer | Peter Bailey

The newest shape in fermentation

In Season
Food movies | Mary Bailey

According to Judy
Jacqueline Jacek, Cocoanista | Judy Schultz

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