Top 100

The 5th Annual Top 100

The fifth annual Tomato Top 100 brings us less candy, more stick-to-the-ribs dishes. Octopus is Edmonton’s new fave seafood, with three dishes on the Top 100. We’ve squeezed in as many dishes as could fit here. 1. Spaghetti Bottarga, Uccellino. It’s a rare dish that can truly transport you somewhere else, but Uccellino’s spaghetti bottarga …

The 4th Annual Top 100

Trends? We are learning to love the offal—Rge Rd’s Questionable Bits topped the list. Perhaps this means that diners are starting to understand the rigorous commitment it takes to practise whole animal cooking. We are still crazy for great pasta and, if we can put something between two pieces of bread and eat it out of hand, we are in! Sandwiches topped the list for the most nominations for a particular category.

The 3rd Annual Top 100 Best Things

An alien to this planet would think we live on sweets and pasta, as they dominate the Top 100 again for the third year. On the flip side, we are seeing more votes for primary producers — one of our favourites this year was the tweet that recommended the honey crisp apple, to our way of thinking a very good thing. Top dishes come from great raw material and we won’t keep good producers in business unless we purchase their products.