The Tomato

November/December 2013


An Entertaining Menu
Cibo’s family Boxing Day dinner

Gold Medal Plates Christmas Cookies
The sweetness of the season

Liquid Gifts
From cash-strapped friends and rich uncles

Sides and Stuffing
Holiday meals wouldn’t be holidays without the sides | Mary Bailey

Far Out and Fabulous!
For the culinarily-obsessed | Mary Bailey

Gingerbread Houses
A gingerbread house-making party | Jan Hostyn

Entertaining 911
Or what I now know about having a party | Mary Bailey


Gastronomic happenings around town

The Proust Culinary Questionnaire
Marjorie Bencz, Executive Director, Edmonton’s Food Bank

Beer Guy
Cheers to chocolate | Peter Bailey

With the wassailing bowl | Jared Bernard

Wine Maven
Mary Bailey

According to Judy
Fashion-forward foodies foretell future food | Judy Schultz


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