The Tomato

September/October 2013


Vegetable Nation
A day in the life of north end vegetable farmers | Mary Bailey

After the Flood
Calgary restaurants recover | Shelley Boettcher

Tales from the Coop
U of A heritage egg program a cracking success | Mary Bailey

Beautiful, Beautiful Brunch
Brunch is a good thing | Karen Virag

Cooks’ Tattoos
Tattoos are no longer just for bikers and drunken sailors

Harvest Vegetable Recipes
It’s autumn, Keats’ season of mists and mellow fruitfullness. Enjoy the bounty.


Gastronomic happenings around town

The Proust Culinary Questionnaire
Stella and Carmelo Rago, Sorrentino’s

Feeding People
A fresh approach to fundraising

Beer Guy
Beer school | Peter Bailey

Wine Maven
Mary Bailey

Wines for turkey and ham

According to Judy
Cooking Canadian: it’s local dude! | Judy Schultz


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