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November – December 2015


Behind the scenes at Cook It Raw
At the SAIT kitchen party | Mary Bailey

On the road with Knifewear’s Kevin Kent
Plains, trains and … | Kevin Kent

Liquid gifts
From your cash-strapped friend and rich uncle

Daniel Costa’s Christmas Eve menu
My favourite time of year | Daniel Costa

Family holiday recipes
Every family has a few

Alberta Beverage Awards
The best of the best

The hostess gift
Not to be expected, so nice to receive | Mary Bailey


Gastronomic happenings around town

Wine Maven
Mary Bailey

Beer Guy
Think global, drink local | Peter Bailey

What Do You Eat?
Dr. David Turpin, University of Alberta President | Shawna Dirksen

Feeding People
Famished in the name of love | Shell Albert

Genius dips for entertaining | Mary Bailey

Kitchen Sink
What’s new and notable

According to Judy
The bird man of Strathcona County: a tribute to Rick Wood-Samman | Judy Schultz

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