The Tomato

November-December 2016


A Bar Bricco Entertaining Menu
Chefs Daniel Costa and Micah Joffe make spuntini for Chistmas

Liquid Gifts I
From your cash-strapped friend and rich Uncle Bob

Liquid Gifts II
More from your cash-strapped friend and rich Uncle Bob

Ham and Cheese
What we may think of as mundane sandwich ingredients take on an entirely new meaning in Italy’s Po Valley | Mary Bailey

The Kids Are Alright
Second generation restaurateurs | Stuart Adams

The Hardware Grill Family Tree
The Staff of Legend

Edmonton’s Gold Medal Plates
The 2016 winners


Gastronomic happenings around town

Feeding People
Cookie joy from the German Christmas Markets | Mary Bailey

Wine Maven
Mary Bailey

Wine Maven Calendar

Beer Guy
Here we come a’wassailing | Peter Bailey

Fortify me | Margaux Burgess

From the Archives
Christmas with the Kitts | by Mary Bailey

Kitchen Sink
What’s new and notable

According to Judy
Twenty years and counting | Judy Schultz

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