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The 7th Annual Tomato Top100, nominated by our readers

The Top100 Best Things to Eat or Drink in Edmonton, nominated by our readers

Pasta, pizza and burgers figured heavily in this year’s Top 100. As did pastry, ramen, dumplings, a few spirited cocktails and lots and lots of sweets. Explore what’s deliciously noteworthy to map out your must-try list.

RGE RD’s Questionable Bits: Blood Sausage

1. RGE RD’s Questionable Bits: Blood Sausage
“Chef Davina Moraiko’s house-made blood sausage is often served on RGE RD’s questionable bits. It’s so well balanced, with everything you want in a dish. The savoury blood sausage was studded with house-cured lardo and served with tangy fermented cabbage, fresh honey crisp apple, slightly sweet cider hollandaise, kale and onion purée, dehydrated kale and pork heart dust, and crunchy cracklin’. So good, it placed first at the regional competition of the 2018 Canada’s Great Kitchen Party,” says Anthony Guy.


Steven Babish photo

2. Uccellino’s Pumpkin Tortelli and the Brick Chicken
The pumpkin-filled tortelli is a dream, rich and savoury with hints of sage, truly autumnal. Tied with the tortelli is the pollo al mattone, an unbelievably flavourful roast chicken cooked under a brick and served with a lemony herbaceous sauce. Tender, juicy, delicious.

3. The Butternut Tree’s Canadian Cheese Course
What better way to finish up the wine than with a cheese course, and the Butternut Tree’s selection celebrates the best artisan cheeses from across Canada, which too often get short shrift. Also, the amazing bison ribeye and the tasting menus—“first time to eat moss, intentionally,” said one nominator.
4. Corso 32’s Guinea Fowl Tortellini and the Ricota Crostini
Corso’s hand-made filled pastas continue to wow diners. The fillings, complex and flavourful as they are, never overwhelm the delicate pasta. This tortellini broth had depth, complexity and flavour for miles. also, the house-made ricotta with crostini is house-made soft cheese served with crostini, sea salt and rosemary oil. Simple? You bet. Easy? Not on your life. The dish illustrates what Corso does best, which is pay attention. There is always scrupulous attention to details, the quality of the ingredients and the balance of flavours.
5. Cibo Bistro’s Rabbit Ragu and the Arancini
This pasta is the perfect winter dish, hearty, slightly gamy with a terrific texture and depth of flavour, as well as being a delightful pairing with Brunello. It’s also typical of the wonderful flavours that come out of this kitchen—mushroomy cheesy, crispy arancini; house-made guanciale; braised lamb shanks and their incredible bistecca, best shared with friends.
The Marc’s Frites and the Daily Fish

6. The Marc’s Frites and the Daily Fish
The Marc’s pommes frites with truffled mayo. “That with a glass of Champagne makes everything right,” said one nominator. We also love the daily iterations of Arctic char that the Marc offers on the lunch menu, especially when it’s with lentils. “Let’s not forget the beignets,” said another. The Marc’s warm and pillowy bits of fried sweet nothings, with two sauces for dipping, are hard to resist.

Nineteen’s Tuna Twists and the Veal Chop

7. Nineteen’s Tuna Twists and the Veal Chop
“Tuna twists have got the wow factor,” said one nominator. The tasty raw tuna with spicy noodles appetizer is a perennial favourite. We love the eclectic menu ranging from classic (snails with garlic butter) to the Fung Bun with mushrooms and feta. The other dishes that nominators loved are the roasted bone marrow and the veal chop, and the variety of bao bennies served at brunch. Delish!

Bar Bricco’s Egg Yolk Raviolo and the Rye and Speck Crostini

8. Bar Bricco’s Egg Yolk Raviolo and the Rye and Speck Crostini
Uovo raviolo, (a whole egg cooked inside ravioli with ricotta and showered in a lavish dusting of pecorino) remains one of the favourite bar snacks of nominators. Also, the rye and speck crostini (Daniel Costa’s ode to the Alto Adige region)—house-made ricotta and pork speck on crispy rye toast with Pink Lady apple and shaved Napa cabbage—is a standout among the many wine-friendly plates served at Bar Bricco.

9. Bündok’s Chicken Skin, the Gnocchi and Sea Bream Crudo
“The fried chicken skin is a delicious snack.” Nominators also loved the Gnocchi Parisienne and the Parmigiano soup with peas and bacon. The Sea Bream Crudo with Thai basil and chile remains a favourite of nominators.
10. Biera’s Sourdough Nuggets and Blooming Mushroom
“Nuggets of their signature sourdough bread with cheese to dip! Just divine. The mushrooms are deep fried to perfection with an aioli that I dream about. I would go every single weekend for these two dishes if I could,” says Debbie Wolf. Also, “the sunflower seed and rye risotto. Texture in the chew, that desirable crunch and finishing with the creamy sharpness of the cheese and horseradish combo. A must try!” Vanessa Goodall. And, of course, the Blind Enthusiasm beer.
11. Bar Clementine
“Roger makes this ham and greens small plate that I lose sleep over,” says Juanita Roos.  “Ham with swiss chard, brown butter, chicory, and fenugreek with toast.” Another example of how simple isn’t easy. And Bar C always does interesting things with oysters along with crafting great cocktails.
12. Glass Monkey’s House-made Sausages and the Pappardelle
“A toothsome blend of delicately seasoned beef and pork, served slightly browned and crispy, yet still plump and juicy when you cut into them; with caramelized onions, a pepper relish and terrific mashed potatoes. A terrific comfort food dish, perfect anytime but especially on a cold Edmonton night,” says Darrell Lindstrom. Also, the pappardelle. “Savoury melt in your mouth deliciousness with amazing flavour,” says Adam Firth.
Wishbone's double beef burger

13. Wishbone’s Double Beef Burger
“With American cheese, pickles, iceberg, mayo, Dijon, all on a brioche bun, this burger doesn’t pull any punches and is just a downright, satisfying burger that doesn’t try to be anything more than a delicious burger. And that nappa cabbage salad too. Just get it, you’ll be happy you did.”

14. Otto Food and Drink’s Maple Sage Bratwurst
“From the Otto Dog, using Sylvan Star smoked gouda, caraway and fresh garlic, to the crazy Thai Green Curry Chicken, Steven Furgiuele’s sausages run the gamut from traditional to wild and experimental,” says Ian Breitzke. “My most enjoyable though, is the maple sage bratwurst. It’s sweet, it’s savoury, it works as a breakfast sausage, or as part of a dinner at Otto. By the way, probably the sweetest owner (Ed Donszelmann) at this place too!”
15. Why Not Café Salmon Poke and the Duck Tots
“Fresh and super creative, but most of all delicious. Two foods I don’t like, duck and potatoes, but the way chef Levi combines ingredients gives you the ultimate mix of savoury and spicy. This dish makes me wanna stay up late to drive across town for their late-night menu. The grilled octopus is like nothing else, it is tender and full of flavour, made with chef Levi’s four-year old house made kimchi, it’s incredible and looks as amazing as it tastes. A must try for everyone.”
Wilfrid's Kale and Crispy Quinoa Salad

Shaun Hicks photo

16. Wilfred’s Kale and Crispy Quinoa Salad and the Wilfred’s Burger
This charming spot makes a really good kale salad. What makes it so great? The tangy green goddess dressing, the sesame seeds and the crunchy quinoa, along with that virtuous feeling you get when you eat something healthy and delicious. Also the Wilfred’s burger with white cheddar is very tasty and sharable.

17. FanFan’s Belgian Chocolate Gelato
Wendy Toye is a fan and it “reminds me of my trip to Italy,” says Denis Sliva. “The flavour and texture of this gelato is perfect. Well-balanced, not overwhelmingly chocolatey. The technique that goes into this is amazing,” says Richard Toll.
18. Woodwork Butcher’s Cut
“The bone-in rib eye is amazing,” says Kelsey Roos and Ramon Miranda. The cocktails always clever and tasty and the charred brussels sprouts suberb, deeply smoky and full of flavour.
19. Pip’s Braised Beef and the Fried Cheese
“The braise on this beef is perfect. Not only is it moist, but the meat still maintains a beautiful chew. The risotto and carrots are solid additions, but the beef is the star of the show. Multiple visits and it was spot on each time,” says Steven Furgiuele. Also, the fried cheese is the most perfect thing to have with a glass of wine from their short but sweet wine list of primarily small family producers.
20. Meuwly’s Honey Ham
“It is the darned best ham that I have eaten in my life, and I have eaten many a ham,” says Krista Meyerink. “It is such a treat to have at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other ham-filled holiday. If you are lucky, you can also sometimes get this ham from Meuwly’s sandwich counter, sandwiched between two crusty slices of baguette and complimented with tiny house-made pickles and mustard. Meuwly’s hams are so good because they source their pork from places like Bear and the Flower farm, where pigs get plenty of time to enjoy the good life outdoors. The ham is aged for something like 16 months, making it even more flavourful. Plus, it’s not injected full of salt water or other fillers, making every bite a hammy delight.”
21. Rosso Pizzeria’s Potato Pizza
There is a lot of pizza on this year’s Top100 and Rosso comes out on top, due to the wood-fired oven and that amazingly chewy flavourful crust. Nominators chose the Patate e Pancetta with sliced potato and Gorgonzola, the Rosso with Taleggio and soppressata and the Margherita as their top pizzas. As well, the Rucola is no slouch for those wanting a pizza without meat.
22. Drift Food Truck Fries
“They are the best fries to come out of a food truck. A fry seasoned with Drift spice and dipped in the fresh-tasting Drift ketchup is a trifecta of flavour,” says Mary St. Germain-Brown. Nominators also loved the buttermilk fried chicken and their burger.
23. Prairie Noodle’s Smoked Gouda Ramen
“My favourite food in Edmonton, and all of Alberta! The balance of flavours in the house-made vegetable miso broth are so unbelievably delicious. The Sylvan Star smoked gouda is the perfect addition of flavour and gooey-ness. The crunchiness of the vegetables contribute to the perfect mouth feel. Add roasted garlic and chile oil, and, well, it’s heaven. Totally crave-worthy. I could eat this every day and never tire of it,” says Laura Fraser.
Hardware Grill’s Sea Bass

24. Hardware Grill’s Sea Bass
“It’s a beautiful fresh seafood dish served in the middle of Alberta. Top notch, five stars!” says Shane Thomas. “The carpaccio is always prepared perfectly,” says Cindy Berg. “The parmesan petals, sauce and house-made chips compliment the tender beef. My favourite indulgence.”

25. Café Leva’s Margherita Pizza
The classic Margherita with basil and bocconcini is always a treat and this style is thin enough to fold like a NYC slice.
Wilfred’s Lamplighter Cocktail

Shaun Hicks photo

26. Wilfred’s Lamplighter Cocktail
“This cocktail has to be the most balanced, flavourful and delicate cocktail I’ve ever had in Edmonton. The combination of Irish whiskey, apricot, verjus and vanilla is masterful,” Chris Krock.

27. Café Linnea’s Gravlax and the Toast Soldiers
There is lots to love at Café Linnea, but nominators settled on the house-cured salmon with pickled shallot, crème fraîche and grated horseradish on a potato beet pancake. Refreshing! The toast soldiers were also a favourite of many nominators.
28. London Local’s Brisket Burger and the Scotch Egg
London Local tops their brisket burger with house-made leek and garlic aioli, relish and their version of HP sauce.  “The London local scotch egg is a classic interpretation of the English dish made with local ingredients. Great ambiance at the bar, and I have absolutely loved the enthusiasm and personality of chef/owner Lindsey Porter. A great place to have in our suburban neighbourhood,” says Cindy Gange-Harris. And, the fish and chips are “super fresh, light and every dip and sauce is made in house.”
29. Zwick’s Pretzel’s McZwick Sandwichzel
“This is honestly the best sandwich I have ever eaten. In the words of Guy Fieri, your first bite of the McZwick is truly a one-way ticket to flavour town,” says Rachel Mackenzie.
30. Tokiwa Ramen’s Goma Goma Ramen
The Goma Goma with sesame and miso was the dish most mentioned from Tokiwa. We think it’s all about the broth and order the spicy Goma Goma every time there are sniffles coming on. The Yuzo Shio (citrusy chicken broth-based soup) is also popular with nominators.
31. Seoul Fried Chicken’s OG Fried Chicken
Hard to choose which chicken at SFC, but the OG is the standard by which several nominators judge fried chicken. “Crispy and tons of flavour, but not greasy.” The Cilantro Lime, GP Cheese and Korean BBQ also got noms.
Juniper Café’s Breakfast Bowl and the Handheld Bennie

32. Juniper Café’s Breakfast Bowl and the Handheld Bennie
“It is always so fresh, full of veggies and with a delicious lemony aioli,” Kaylea Salamon. Nominators also love Juniper’s Handheld Bennie, calling it filling, healthy and delicious.

33. A Cappella Curbside’s Austin Brisket Sandwich
“Because of its delicious woody smoked flavour. It’s on a fresh bun with the perfect amount of sauce that sumptuously compliments the meat. Yum!” Margo Joly-Buehrer.
34. Northern Chicken’s Fried Chicken
“It is the tastiest thing I’ve eaten all year. I like it in the restaurant. I like it as take out and I even love it as leftovers the next day. I don’t know if there is ever a time when I’m not looking to get some of this chicken. I dream about it at night,” says Andy Hansen. “It feels weird that I even have to explain this, seriously, like have you ever put something in your mouth that tasted so good that you required more? These guys are f%&*@*g wizards, and not only with chicken! One of the best local beer selections in the city. Don’t like beer? Well, they have a wizard making custom drinks there too. If there is a wizard award you should give them that. Contest over,” says Sandy Lugar.
35. Shanghai Grill Dumplings
Delicious pan fried or steamed dumplings and xiao long bao are available at this restaurant, tucked away in a strip mall next to Job Site Workwear. “Especially love the classic pork dumpling, delicate flavours, with really good pastry.”
Farrow’s Grick Middle Sandwich

36. Farrow’s Grick Middle Sandwich
“Everything about the sandwich is perfect,” Ian Wiebe.

37. Cibo’s Polpo and Polenta Fritta
“Perfection,” says Maria Jackson. “This dish is so different, incredibly delicious. The charred octopus has a smoky flavour, balanced by the earthy chickpeas and freshness of the fennel fronds.” “The polenta fritta is divine,” says Alysha Evans. “From the spicy kick of the salami, to the smooth subtlety of the aioli, and the crunch and salty pop of the polenta itself.”
38. Cilantro and Chive’s (Lacombe) Duck Wings
“Salty, savoury and a must try,” said Carl Hughes. We agree!
Green Onion Cake Man’s Green Onion Cake

39. Green Onion Cake Man’s Green Onion Cake
Sui To is back with a new spot. As much as we miss his Noodle Maker restaurant, the green onion cakes and the hot and sour soup here are a terrific consolation. “This guy started the whole green onion cake craze,” said one nominator.

40. Lock Stock’s Ham and Cheese Tartine
Among the many offerings at Lock Stock—the Ace Coffee, the carrot cake with the frosting in the middle, and the variety of beautiful pastry, all done in house—is the ham and cheese tartine slice—a big hit for lovers of savoury in the morning.
41. Formosa Bistro Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
“So hearty and delicious,” said one nominator.
42. Shangahi 456 Soup Dumplings
The xiao long bao and wor tip (fried beef dumplings) are still some of the best dumplings in town.
43. Coriander Cuisine Naan
“Their naan, made in their own clay tandoor oven, is by far the best I have ever tasted, anywhere,” Jeanette Buckingham. Coriander opened at the end of 2018 and has delicious Indian food.
44. Kanto 98 Lugaw
“This Filipino congee is comfort food to the max and perfect for Edmonton’s cold winter months,” says Cindy Nguyen.
45. Partake’s Croque Mon‘soubise’ Sandwich
“Best ham and cheese sandwich you’ll ever eat. They use Gruyère and Meuwly’s smoked honey ham. Haven’t talked to one person that has said differently.”
Yiannis Taverna’s Ouzo Prawns and the Greek-style Ribs

46. Yiannis Taverna’s Ouzo Prawns and the Greek-style Ribs
The decadent ouzo prawns were most mentioned by nominators. Also, the Greek-style ribs. “Most delectable and perfectly prepared meal that I’ve encountered in my foodie experiences,” says Todd Williams. “It seems odd to mention this dish in isolation to the rest of what this restaurant has to offer (the slow roasted lamb gets honourable mention). Quite simply, the best Greek restaurant that I’ve been to both in and outside of Greece. Trust me, I’ve spent a fair amount of time there.”

Tzin’s Bacon with Apple Compote

47. Tzin’s Bacon with Apple Compote
Such a delicious savoury sweet bite to have with a glass of wine.

48. Big G’s Jerky
“Big G works hard to create an excellent product; you can tell it’s his passion. Very professional. Different flavours than the conventional jerky.”
49. The Local Omnivore’s Brisket Burger
This deeply-flavoured burger, served on a brioche bun with their special sauce and house-made pickles, joins a long list of burgers nominated this year.
50. Swiss 2 Go Sandwiches
“By far the best sandwiches ever made. The meat, the cheese, the fresh-made pretzel bun,” Sean Boychuk. The Italian Bride and the Heidi vegetarian were most mentioned by nominators.
51. Pampa’s Brazilian Cheese bread and Rumpsteak
“They are delicious, best in Canada, addicting,” Susana S. Simon.
52. Brown Butter Café’s Good Morning Bunwich
“Hands down the best breakfast bunwich I have ever eaten. The sweet bun goes so well with the perfectly cooked eggs, cheese, pickled onions and avocados,” Dustin Ouellette.
53. Ávila Arepa’s Pabellón Arepa
The toothsome South American sandwiches called arepa are similar to a soft pita, split, and filled with delicious things. “The pabellón has the best combination of tropical flavours with sweet plantains, pulled beef, cheese and black beans in this perfect gluten-free corn patty. Thumbs up.”
54. South Island Pie Company Pies
“All their pies deserve to be in the top 100,” says Danielle Batters. “But the Old Faithful is my favorite, hot or cold.” Peggie MacKay nominates the Scarfie meat pie, “flavourful, tender flaky pastry, good-sized chunks of steak with the right amount of gravy and the ale is present but not overwhelming.”
55. Wilfred’s Avocado Toast
“Because it’s the best avocado toast I’ve ever had in Canada or the USA,” says Nadia Aldea.
56. Happy Camel’s Roasted Garlic Hummus and Za’atar Chips
“The flavour is out of this world. The right amount of garlic that leaves you craving more, and, paired with the chips, it is a match made in foodie heaven,” says Jaelyn Ryan. “This is why I don’t make hummus anymore,” said another nominator.
57. Breadland’s Baguette
“I used to live in Paris, and this is the only baguette in Edmonton that a Parisian would eat. They only bake them on Saturday and the price is reasonable,” says David Bourne.
58. Mini Kitchen Samosas
“So delicious. Best vegan samosas—I have not been able to find any better. Even my meat-eating pals love them!” Andrea Turner.
59. Cartago’s Curry Wurst with Spätzle and the Dancing Queen
“Because it’s a unique dish you can’t find anywhere else and it’s sinfully saucy,” says Ryan Marshall. And, try the Dancing Queen cocktail, described as “scintillating” by a nominator.
60. XO Bistro + Bar’s Oxtail Fries
“Done to perfection,” says Marie Lam.
61. Honest Dumpling’s Butter Chicken Dumplings
“Eating these reminds me of my childhood but are also great because the fillings are so inventive—a great taste in every bite,” says Judy Parr.
62. DOSC’s Smoked Old Fashioned and Oxtail Poutine
“Although not on the menu at the time, the very nice bartender made me a Smoked Old Fashioned upon request, and it was one of the best I have ever had,” says Sandra Keating. “Other servers gathered around to watch the event.” The oxtail poutine is also worth your consideration.
63. Tiramisu Bistro’s Kale Salad
“They do something magic with kale and turn it into this extraordinary salad that I would kill for,” says Terry Dejong. “Add some freshly sliced avocado and it’s heaven on a plate. No wonder they run out of it as often as they do.”
65. LovePizza’s Ode to Ukraine Pizza
“The base sauce is delicious. The textures, taste and aroma create a splendid amalgamation of flavour and a visual delight,” says Mary Murphy.
The Italian Centre Shop Sandwich

66. The Italian Centre Shop Sandwich
A perennial favourite, and not just with firemen and football fans. Think Avjar spread, a slick of olive oil with dried oregano, provolone and layers of mortadella and other deli meats on a baguette-style bun. It’s even tastier if you allow the flavours to meld for 15 minutes at room temperature.

Canova’s Panettone

67. Canova’s Panettone
Local bakery Canova has dived into the Italian sweet bread business, making both the Christmas panettone and the Easter colombe (shaped like a dove). The breads are delicious, plain, toasted or made into bread pudding.

68. Jack’s Burger Shack Quebecer Burger
The Quebecer with curds and ranch dressing received the most nominations but people also love the On the Cobb with blue cheese, bacon and fresh tomato relish and the ’Shroom with mushrooms and Boursin. Lots to love at Jack’s Burger Shack!
69. Continental Treat’s Dill Pickle Soup
“It is delicious,” says Lisa Watson.
70. Nyonya Malaysian Cuisine’s Chicken Rendang Pancake Roll
(City Hall Farmers’ Market) “Multiple layers of flavour and extremely delicious,” says Christina Janes.
Gramma Bears Butter Tart

71. Gramma Bears Butter Tart
The best butter tart ever (and you will find it the Strathcona Farmers’ Market) is back on the Top 100. Yaay! That’s Harold and Evelyn in the photo.

72. Urban Diner’s Rueben
“It’s got pastrami, caramelized onions, and sauerkraut. It’s on toasted marble rye bread. It’s got curry Dijon aioli. You ever had curry Dijon aioli before? I never had. It changed my world,” Dwayne Otto.
73. Arno’s Ham and Cheese Croissant
“The delicious cream sauce is a wonderful surprise on this sandwich and the croissant is unbelievable. Arnaud is a creative and talented genius—every single item I’ve tasted has been perfection and so enjoyable,” says Stephanie Trussell.
74. Meuwly’s Cranberry Sauce
“Their cranberry sauce is insane! In a world of mundane cranberry sauce from the can, Meuwly’s cranberry sauce is a shining beacon of hope. It moistens dry turkey, is delicious on toast and even by the spoon. Filled with fruit and citrus and ginger flavours, it’s a must have for Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and all days ending in y,” Alycia Fritze.
75. Sugared & Spiced’s Brownie
“So chocolaty and gooey, it can’t be resisted,” says Emily Berthelot.
76. Ross Goodine’s Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream
(Ottewell Farmers’ Market) “I think this is the best ice cream I have ever, ever had,” says Paul Lewis.
77.  Täfeli’s Brownie Cookie
This fairly new cookie shop in Riverbend makes great cookies. All butter and delicious. Nominators love the brownie cookie, the baker named Joy, as well as the shortbreads and spice cookie.
78. The Next Act’s PB&J Burger
“While you could get the rotating cameo burger sandwich, changing weekly, the one mainstay in my life at the Next Act, is always gonna be a PB&J Burger,” says Ian Bretzke. “House-made beef patty, crunchy peanut butter, house-made bacon jam, cheddar cheese, with all the groceries. While PB on a burger might sound weird, it goes so so well with the bacon jam. It’s a sweet and salty, delicious dream. Pair it up with a palate cleansing Blindman Kettle Sour and you have a great meal, any time of the day.”
79. Culina Mushroom Tourtière
“It is easily the best thing I have eaten. The pastry was so flaky and the pie filling dense with deliciousness; each ingredient melding beautifully with the miso gravy,” says Marilyn Hooper. “My Montreal nephew who is a tourtière purist declared it deceit pie when it first hit the table but he loved  it. It makes an impressive meal offering for your holiday table.”
80. Revolution Ice Cream Lemon Lavender and Chocolate
“Complex, pleasing flavour and texture. John and Jessica’s creations are always very good,” says Mark Beattie. Lavender Lemon and the chocolate flavours were most nominated.
81. Edgar Farms’ Asparagus
Every spring we get the treat of fresh Alberta-grown asparagus. It’s worth waiting all year.
82. La Poutine’s Canadian Poutine
“It’s definitely the best poutine I have had outside of Quebec. They hand-cut the fries, use squeaky Quebec cheese curds—it’s a hot and gooey bit of heaven,” says Darlene Insley.
83. Confetti Sweets Choco Chunk
“I would actually nominate all of their cookies but choco-chunk is my favourite with the chocolate coconut running a very close second,”says Pat MacKeage. “Soft, chewy and delectable. I defy you to find a better bakery cookie in our city. They unreservedly deserve a spot in your Top 100.”
84. The Glass Monkey’s Parsnip Puree
“It’s rare to find a menu item that features parsnips. Spread on freshly-baked crostini and pair with a glass of Pinot Grigio, it sets the flavour mode on subtle and satisfying. Delicious. Also their pizza, and David Hamilton says their burger is one of the best,” Susan Bramm.
85. Al Salam Bakery’s Chicken Shawarma
“This is the best chicken shawarma in the city, hands down,” says Gabrielle Donoff.  “Always accompanied by fresh-out-of-the-oven pita, creamy garlic sauce, hummus, and a fresh and delicious fattoush salad.”
86. Loft Thai Eatery’s Green Curry
“I love Thai green curry and have tried it at as many Thai restaurants in Edmonton as I can find. This is the best in the city by far. I could eat it every day,” says Stephanie Stolk.
87. Memphis Blues’ Collard Greens
“Exquisite flavour. I could eat a bathtub full of this,” says Terry deJong.
88. La Pagode’s Beef Satay Soup
“I have ordered beef satay soup from countless different restaurants and none even come close to being as good as La Pagode’s,” says Brandy Michell.
89. Workshop’s Peas and Carrot
“This was my go-to dish over the summer,” says Cindy Gange Harris. “The pea guacamole was amazing and roasted heirloom carrot so sweet. I love that Workshop has its own garden adjacent to their patio in the summer. This place is a suburban gem.”
90. Chettinad Aachy’s Ulunthu Vada (savoury lentil doughnut)
“The Ulunthu Vada is a marvel of taste, texture and history. Made with a myriad of warming and flavourful South Indian spices in a fermented lentil batter, it has depth, lightness and a fresh crispness to the exterior. Made with loving care by a wonderful family, an example of Edmonton’s rich diversity,” Stephen Kozma.
91. Persian Delights Bread
“This bread is unique, there is nothing like it in the city. I’d say it’s a cross between a pretzel and a brioche. It’s amazing,” Sonia Gonzalez.
92. Milk and Cookies Bakeshop Vanilla Sprinkle Sandwich Cookie
“I love, love, love the sandwich cookies—just the right amount of chewy and the buttercream is not too sweet,” Natalie Fairbridge.
93. Juniper’s Chorizo Queso Fundido 
“Made for sharing…but you don’t have to! Wonderful dish for a cold winter day—just the right amount of heat from the spicy sausage, salsa and molten cheese. They could not possibly improve on this winner,” says Brenda Kinloch.
94. Analog Brewing Company’s Beers
“This brewery isn’t even a year old, but the quality of this beer is delicious,” says Katherine Launier, who nominated the unique In Another Castle Peach Mango Milkshake IPA. Alison Corsaut is another fan of Analog. “Power Up Porter is the best Porter I have ever tasted. This Edmonton based local microbrewery not only makes incredibly delicious beer but has a taproom that is a super fun place to hang out with friends. Must try.”
95. Palabok House’s Crispy Fried Chicken
“I live most of the time now in the Philippines and I have yet to find a place that can do crispy fried chicken like Lydia can in Edmonton. I am craving it, so I’m voting for her, heh heh,” says Gord Snyder.
96. Pho du Pho’s Sate Noodle Soup
“The broth is tasty and the soup (#7 on the menu), just incredibly satisfying. They do not have a website (besides a Facebook page) and you have to call to order, but, wow. It really is one of the best things to eat or drink in Edmonton,” says Lisa Locher.
97. Two Sergeants’ Hunters Loaf
“Bison meatloaf, glazed with a beer concoction and wrapped in bacon. It’s a generous portion for the price, with cabbage and roasted potatoes. Amazing,” Denise Dumont.
98. Caramunchies Caramels
“The buttery soft, melt in your mouth caramel is one of a kind. Not to mention their twists on flavours are delicious. Love buying caramels from Caramunchies,” says Trent Oliver.
99. Habaneros Mexican Grill’s César Bulldog
“This Caesar rocks,” says Jim Logan. “Made with their exclusive Rig Hand Habanero Lime vodka. Add a Coronita beer and a Camarones Momias (bacon-wrapped shrimp).”
100. Columbian Coffee Bar and Roastery’s Avocado Toast
“Is so, so, so simple but, dammit, it’s so good,” says Ian Breitzke. “Avocado, cilantro, garlic, lime, walnut oil on top of some deliciously soft Bonjour Boulangerie sourdough, topped with hemp hearts, like $7. Feel free to add a little cured salmon on it too, but me, I’m a traditionalist. And, to be fair, are you living your best millennial life if you aren’t eating avocado toast?”
101. Doef’s Hydroponic Veggies
“Can you believe we can buy local fresh veggies year ‘round in Edmonton?” asks Barb Le Mare. “Their shelf life is so much longer and flavour is so much better too.”

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