8th Annual Top100 Best Things to Eat or Drink in Edmonton, nominated by our readers

The Top100 Best Things to Eat or Drink in Edmonton, nominated by our readers

Welcome to the annual Tomato Top 100 where we ask readers to tell us what was the best thing they ate last year. Burgers and pizza were so often nominated we gave them their own section. Breakfast sandwiches are popular, pasta is a perennial favourite and this year, we notice more plant-based dishes being recommended.

Our readers recognize exceptional food when they taste it, yet many nominations were accompanied by ‘for my birthday,’ ‘for our annual big night out.’ We love to hear about your special occasions, and we invite you to visit Edmonton’s great restaurants more often. Why not go for lunch (both the Marc and Biera are open for lunch); go out mid-week; or after work, slip in early for a glass of wine and one plate. Hard to do with a family, but what about brunch at a good local resto instead of a chain? Cook more at home to save up for a monthly (or seasonal) dinner out. Somewhere really good. Taste what the best chefs are up to, more often.

Biera’s winter salad has top billing this year. Chef Christine Sandford goes from strength to strength. We love the commitment to local sourcing, the seasonal menu, the love of great cheese.

Extra: Top Edmonton Food Experiences

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Biera winter salad1. Winter Salad, Biera
This is one sexy salad—a riot of texture, from the apple pear shavings draped languorously over the goods beneath, and the crunch of sunflower seeds throughout, to the creamy, tangy, cheesy dill dressing. A thing of beauty. Nominators waxed rhapsodic about the grilled chicken, the tartare, the various permutations of the excellent house-made sourdough on the menus; we remember a particularly thrilling mushroom dish last summer. We love chef Christine Sandford’s commitment to local sourcing; the seasonal menus; the love of great cheese. Each dish not only demonstrates fine technique and mastery of flavour and subtlety, each supports and highlights the Blind Enthusiasm and the barrel-aged Monolith beers. We are fortunate people to have Biera.
Roasted Farro Pappardelle with Mushroom and Parmigiano, Corso 32
Dong Kim photo

2. Roasted Farro Pappardelle with Mushroom and Parmigiano, Corso 32
This deeply fragrant and savoury dish was a hit with nominators. Farro, an ancient grain much used in central Italy, is roasted, then milled into flour, creating a pasta with earthy flavours and a slightly chewy texture, so good with the toothsome sauce. “I recently took two work colleagues to Corso 32, and when they mentioned they weren’t sure if they liked truffle, we ordered the black truffle Moliterno with black truffle honey for dessert. We were blown away by the combination of the salty hard cheese, sweet honey and the umami richness of the shaved truffle.” We love the tasting menus (do try with the wine pairings), the fealty to Italian flavours and technique, the uncompromising rigour in the kitchen.

Grizzly Gouda Potato Pyrohy RGE RD 3. Grizzly Gouda Potato Pyrohy RGE RD
“The pyrohy has been a staple on the menu since RGE RD opened and I still order them to this day—they are fantastic!” says Deborah Munro. Also, the road trip menu filled with surprises and delights, the farm dinners, blini with sustainable Canadian caviar—so many delicious bites and forward-thinking food from a crack kitchen.
Ryan Hotchkiss, chef owner Bündok, Curtis Comeau photoography
Curtis Comeau photoography

4. Parisienne Gnocchi Bündok
“Insanely delicious,” says Jared Domino. “The gnocchi melts in your mouth, and with the mushrooms; it is just perfection. Sooo delicious,” says Andrea Doyle. “Had a fabulous dinner in Maui but the fresh local crudo just couldn’t stand up to Ryan’s,” says Shauna Faragini. Also, the strip loin and the Parmigiano soup. “This is hands down the best soup, so delicious and creamy.” Meighan Sommer.

Cod with Cannellini Beans, Mint and Chile, Uccellino
Dong Kim photo

5. Cod with Cannellini Beans, Mint and Chile Uccellino
The toothsome Icelandic cod, the agrodolce butternut squash crostini with mint, chili and pistachios (that perfect blend of sweet and spicy); the Sicilian anchovy, butter and rosemary crostini and the spicy Abruzzo lentils were all chosen by nominators as their favourite dishes. Neha Sharma-Prabhakar said this about the cacio e pepe pasta; “It is the best pasta dish I have ever had in my life.” Also, “amazing chickpea fritters. Perfectly fried and wow flavours,” Beatriz Plaza Panelle.

Polpette, Cibo Bistro6. Polpette, Cibo Bistro
“The polpette (meatballs) at Cibo are incredible. Beautiful veal and pork meatballs with dried apricots and a little bit of spice,” says Alysha Evans-Singh. “Slathered in Cibo’s amazing tomato sauce, every bite is fantastic,” AJ Lissey. “The mushroom arancini are mouth-wateringly delicious. They are perfect for anytime of the day, especially in winter, warms the soul,” Amy Catalano. “Crostini with house ricotta and mortadella—the best bite I had all year.” We also love the hand-pressed rigatoni with braised short rib, radicchio and toasted hazelnuts—unctuous and satisfying.
Bear and the Flower Pork Chop, Smokey Bear7. Bear and the Flower Pork Chop, Smokey Bear
“It is simply the most delectable, rich, flavourful, uncomplicated, and satisfying bite of meat that I can remember having ever tasted. Sweet maple glaze, aromatic maple wood smoke, exquisite umami factor,” says Ryan Dupas. “The food is innovative,” says Sarah Hodgson. Nominators also loved the “chef’s selection with paired wines is well crafted;” by resident wine lady Ashleigh Smith—not to be missed.
House-cultured Butter and Sicilian Anchovy Crostini, Bar Bricco
Dong Kim photo

8. House-cultured Butter and Sicilian Anchovy Crostini, Bar Bricco
The umami of this dish cannot be denied— the combo of the anchovy and the tangy butter rockets to the taste buds like nothing else. But there’s more. “Who needs meat and dairy when vegetables taste this good?” says Anna Fen about the roasted Romanesco. “The egg yolk raviolo has always been my favourite dish, since the restaurants inception—perfectly cooked pasta, a runny egg, some ricotta, brown butter, sage and grana. It’s pure heaven,” says Ian Breitzke. Also, the house-made focaccia our friend Amanda calls her birthday cake; the Sicilian caponata ricotta crostini, the rye and speck crostini; the amazing culatello sourced from a special Apulian pig; the salumi and formaggi plates and the surprize of the oat milk panna cotta (dairy and gluten free). Lots to love at Bar Bricco. Oh, and the extensive amari and digestivo on offer.

Pommes Frites, The Marc 9. Pommes Frites, The Marc
The scrumptious crispy fries with truffled mayo was most often nominated, but there’s more—the daily fish, the plate-covering pork schnitzel, the beignets, the warm welcome and consistent service. We also love Sunday Night Supper Club, Tour d’Alsace and the other great dinners the Marc puts throughout the year.
Butter Chicken, Glass Monkey 10. Butter Chicken, Glass Monkey
“The butter chicken is the perfect blend of spices and the naan bread is delicious,” says Gregory Mowbrey. “The pappardelle with pork shoulder is fall apart meaty goodness—the noodles are made from scratch and the ingredients are fresh and gorgeous,” says Christin Firth. “The Jack’s bread pudding is over the top fantastic. Glass Monkey never disappoints,” Sharon Brown.
Sablefish with Ramen, XIX11. Sablefish with Ramen, XIX
“The flavours in this unique dish are deep, rich and explosive. The sablefish is lush and delicate, while the al dente ramen provides the perfect foil. This dish, which we had as part of XIX’s tasting menu, was the first time I truly understood umami—it awakened my senses. In my opinion, it’s the best thing you can put on a fork in this town,” says Misty Harris. About the tuna twists. “It is such a well-balanced dish! I never liked tuna, but the way XIX makes it, it’s like butter paired perfectly with the tangy coleslaw and spicy noodles. So yummy.” says Sophie Deepeos.
12. Tam’s Squash, Butternut Tree
Nominator’s loved the squash (from Tam Anderson at Prairie Gardens) on the winter menu, with whey glaze, barley, ricotta and grilled kale. The Butternut Tree’s steadfast commitment to pan-Canadian ingredients leads to unexpected discoveries. “The first time I ever ate moss,” said one nominator. Love the seasonal menu listed by ingredient, and the all Canadian wine beer and spirits (seven gins!) lists.
Duck Tots, Why Not Café13. Duck Tots, Why Not Café
“Duck tots at Why Not Café are the best damn thing I’ve put in my mouth,” says Donna Barnhardt. “Didn’t ever think I would like duck until I tried duck tots.” says Sasha Nickel. “The vegan the avocado toast and the Brussels sprouts—the sear on them was kick-ass. It’s hard to find quality vegan food with great flavour.” “The flavour profile is off the charts. Levi takes things that were once ordinary and turns them on their head making them extraordinary,” says Caroline Wendtland.
14. Parmigiano Reggiano Salad, Cavern
“The combination of seasonal greens, veggies, fruit, olive oil and white balsamic with an epic portion of Parmigiano cheese is healthy and heavenly at the same time. I love the well-curated menu and go out of my way to come downtown whenever they have Epoisses de Bourgogne cheese in stock—a wonderful treat with a great glass of red wine!” says Cindy Gange-Harris.
Smoked Ham, Meuwly’s15. Smoked Ham, Meuwly’s
The well-made and delicious smoked ham, available in two sizes at the holidays and generally in the case all the time, garnered lots of nominations. As it should. “Meulwy’s prepared grainy mustard is so good that I would eat a jar of it on its own. I use it on my sandwiches and they go from good to outstanding,” Karin Fodor. Also, the hot dogs—“bring on summer, hot dogs are great again!”
Stuffed Pork Tenderloin, Popowich Meats
Mike and Treena Popowich at the shop

16. Stuffed Pork Tenderloin, Popowich Meats
“My wife and I were arguing between the garlic and herb or the pizza stuffed. In fact I can’t really pick just one thing. We have tried everything and keep coming back each week to get more,” says Dennis Kovacs. Popowich’s sausage-stuffed jalepeño poppers can be eaten as a meal or an appetizer, but most importantly very tasty,” says Art Angielski. “The sausage creations are unique and imaginative, and delicious. My favourite would be the jalapeño cheese beef. It has great flavour and the right amount of kick. My sons love the buffalo chicken sausage and the pork pot-sticker sausage. The pork masala is absolutely fantastic. Great flavour and aroma when cooking,” says Satpal Athwal.

Vanilla, Kind Ice Cream17. Vanilla, Kind Ice Cream
The sweet little ice-cream-shop-that-could continues to impress with tasty and seasonal feature flavours, the vegan selections and the standards like maple bourbon pecan, deep dark chocolate and real deal strawberry, and, their vanilla is just right. (Not too sweet, said nominators.) “The vegan lemon and jammy raspberry actually tastes like great regular ice cream,” says Todd Bondar.
Double Banana Pancakes, Wilfred’s
Shaun Hicks photo

18. Double Banana Pancakes, Wilfred’s
Brunch is a big deal at Wilfred’s and nominators chose the double banana pancakes, the Dutch baby benny and the soft scrambled sandwich as their top three. Nominators also love the daily features at Wilfred’s, the wine and cocktail list, the beef tenderloin and the delish brown butter roasted beets at dinner.

19. Wienershnitzel at Bauernschmaus
“Consistently excellent meal and service,” says Cathryn Heslep. The Bauernschmaus is one of those restaurants that quietly goes about its business (in its case, since 1975.) We’re glad nominators remembered it.
20. Cashew Cheese, Truffala
“It’s everything. It makes you feel so good and it tastes so indulgent. Completely vegan but can satisfy any omnivore. It is a real blessing for those with dietary restrictions, because the product is so pure,” from one reader. “It is the best cheese alternative that I have tasted (and I’ve tried a lot). It is deliciously creamy, smooth, and is jam packed with flavour. It’s perfect for a casual night in (I’ve literally eaten it by the spoonful) or to share with some friends. This soft, savoury cashew cheese is too dreamy for words.”
Hand-held Bennie, Juniper Bistro

21. Hand-held Bennie, Juniper Bistro
“I am not a poached egg fan but when it is nestled in a Portuguese bun with roasted vegetables and lemon aioli it beats an omelette any day,” says Diane Davies

Traditional Sourdough, Bonjour Bakery22. Traditional Sourdough, Bonjour Bakery
The pain au levain breads at Bonjour are always delicious. The long and slow fermentations create superior flavours and texture. Also, the sesame bagels and the cheese counter according to nominators.
23. Grilled Octopus, Shojo Izakaya
“The octopus is sous vide for hours to get that melt in your mouth bite,” says Lan Bui. Nominators also love the thin-cut Shoju fries, seasoned with togarishi and nori at this newish spot in the Brewery district.
Belgian Chocolate Gelato, Little Bear

24. Belgian Chocolate Gelato, Little Bear
The Belgian chocolate garnered the most noms, but the sour cherry has fans as do the hazelnut gelato and the passion fruit, raspberry and Champagne sorbets. We’re sad Franck Bouihol’s Fan Fan Patisserie is no more, but happy that he is making ice cream.

Roasted and Grilled Vegetable Salad, Zinc25. Roasted and Grilled Vegetable Salad, Zinc
“The tahini dressing and toasty pumpkin seeds complement this delicious array of vegetables,” said a nominator. Chef Doreen Prei wowed with her tasty People’s Choice dish at the Kitchen Party last fall, squash dumplings with maitake mushroom and smoked pine nuts. Zinc undergoes a retrofit this spring, expect a new look and new menu. We can’t wait.
26. Lobster Risotto, Sabor
“Big chunks of lobster and loaded with flavour. All around, an amazing risotto in a great environment with excellent service,” says Lillian Tse. Nominators also love the quick and tasty specials at lunch.
27. Saskatoons, North Saskatchewan river valley
“The weather and rainfall in 2019 created conditions for plump and plentiful saskatoon berries. It was a joy to take my child’s vacation care program on an adventure to pick berries. For many, it was their first time,” says Thea Moss. Yes, a rare pleasure that, foraging for saskatoons.
Avocado Toast, Toast Culture 28. Avocado Toast, Toast Culture
Avocado toast is still popular and this is the place to have it, according to many nominators. Also, the smoked salmon, the avocado blt; the Culture breakfast, the breakfast bowl, the granola and the lemon-roasted kale and artichoke pizza.
Mai’s Dumplings
Mai Nguyen photo

29. Mai’s Dumplings

“Happy that Gourmai Dumplings are available to take home—we’ve found them at Popowich Meats, at popups at Meuwlys, and at Prairie Noodle where I can always get a fix,” said one nominator.

Chicken Inasal, Filistix30. Chicken Inasal, Filistix
The inesal, lemongrass and garlic-marinated chicken thighs grilled over charcoal, is highly recommended by nominators. As well, Filistix’s signature grilled chicken on a stick with tangy dipping sauce. Nominators also loved the precise attention paid to the Japanese highball, with its custom ice; the crystal clear cube cut to the same height as the glass for less dilution and more aroma.
31. Garlic Fries, Otto
This easy-going north side spot has great sausages (the Otto with Sylvan Star gouda, the beef bratwurst) but it was the garlic herb fries with curry ketchup that were most nominated. We also love the pretzel with mustard.
32. Argula and Basil, West Country Herbs
“The arugula is mind blowing! The freshness, the crunch, the burst of peppery goodness,” says Jean Purscke. And how about those tubs of fresh basil sold at the Italian Centre Shops all year round? Your margarita pizza thanks you.
Devilled Eggs at Partake33. Devilled Eggs at Partake
Nominators also noted the well-seasoned-steak tartare, mixed tableside; the tasty bites of chef’s popcorn to start and the classic croque mon soubise made with Meuwly’s ham.
Green onion cake man Sui To
Sui To, the original Green Onion Cake Man

34. Hot and Sour Soup, The Green Onion Cake Man
“This soup kept me happy through the cold snap this winter—just enough heat with the vinegar tang,” says Shauna Faragini. Also, the ginger beef, the pot stickers and of course, the green onion cakes, so good.Sui To

35. Olive Prairie Loaf, Brio Bakery
“Delicious and so flavourful. They use fresh and local ingredients and no preservatives! Every item I try at Brio exceeds the one before,” says Joanne Amyotte. We couldn’t have said it better.
36. Back Bacon, Irving’s Farm Fresh
“I’m from England and miss this type of bacon. We have bacon for breakfast and often as a bacon sandwich. Just because. Superior products from Irving’s,” says Ruth Siddoway.
Braised Short Ribs, Culina To Go37. Braised Short Ribs, Culina To Go
Nominators love the take-away dinners in enamel roasting pots, especially the short ribs and the chicken Marbella. “Makes entertaining so easy,” said Colleen Fry.
38. Crispy Mushroom Bao at Baijiu
“All the baos are good here but this one is extra delicious. Leaves me craving for more. Yummy,” says Sandra Keating.
Pyrohy at Workshop Eatery39. Pyrohy at Workshop Eatery
“The handmade dumplings with goat cheese and potato served with roasted winter mushrooms, leeks, and chive crème fraîche is perfect winter comfort food. My husband and I love having this gem in our neighbourhood and are so happy to not have to go all the way downtown for a good meal,” says Cindy Gange Harris.
Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich at Caffé Sole40. Chorizo Breakfast Sandwich at Caffé Sole
“Hot pretzel bun, gooey cheese, good egg and the chorizo is super flavourful. It’s the best thing to grab on my way to work. Love it!” says Craig Hewson. “Italian sandwich is lights out, but the soft jazz ambiance brings it to the next level,” says Dan Swanson. “Wonderful bite-size churros are a perfect complement to a classic latte. Delicioso!” says Drew Harrison.
Brown Butter Café Good Morning Bunwich
Good Morning Bunwich

41. Good Morning Bunwich at the Brown Butter Café
“Their bun is definitely the best part, but everything in this sandwich; egg, avocado, pickled onion and spicy mayo all go so well together.” “Delicious. Great ingredients. Eat it daily,” said two of the nominators and there were legion.

42. Ham and Cheddar Tartine at Lock Stock Coffee
A savoury slice of heaven. Or, try one of the outstanding house-made pastry such as kouign anann.
The Bacon, Tzin 43. The Bacon, Tzin
“Everyone I have introduced to this dish takes a bite, closes their eyes and smiles. It is like nothing else,” says Cindy Cunningham.
Picanha, Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse44. Picanha, Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse
The rumpsteak at Pampa is the best steak in Alberta according to Anderson Ximenes. Dining at Pampa is glorious for the meat lover. Enjoy the rodizio experience—giant skewers of grilled rump steak and other beef cuts, pork, chicken, lamb, plus a salad bar with Brazilian specialties—it’s fun and delicious.
45. Ouefs-en-cocotte, Café Linnea
“This dish is absolutely delicious, well-executed and a rare find,” says Megan McKeage.
46. Bao, Kanto 98
“Who doesn’t love the pork belly bao, but the newish Karaboa Bao is my new favourite—a mildly spiced meatball with red pepper mayo,” says Shauna Faragini.
Butter Tarts, Gramma Bears 47. Butter Tarts, Gramma Bears
“They are best things around. Always fresh and delicious, would highly recommend them,” says Meredith Thompson. We agree!
Pão de Queijo, A Bite of Brazil48. Pão de Queijo, A Bite of Brazil
This cheese bread is described as “phenomenal, cheezy, tasty” by several nominators. Bonus: it’s made with tapioca flour and is gluten-free.
49. The Spicy Cauliflower, PIP
“This is the perfect dish. It has amazing texture, just the right amount of spice, a delightful crunch, and it makes me happy every damn time I eat it. And, as a vegetarian dish, it’s great for the planet,” said one of the nominators
50. Pita, Baba Ghanouj and Hummus, the Happy Camel
“The products are fresh and delicious and the friendly owner cares about good quality.”
51. Sassy & Classy Brunch cocktail, PIP
“I first had this when seeking refuge during a downpour during the Art Walk on Whyte. It was so refreshing, epitomized summer on a patio,” Diane Davies.
We had so many nominations for burgers, we gave them their own section (in alphabetical order).Maccas Burger, The Buckingham
“Most vegetarian burgers are gross, let’s be honest. Not this one. You will find no better vegan burger anywhere else. Not to mention the bitchin’ beer to go with it,” Elizabeth Gaumont.Aloha Burger, Delux Burger Bar
“It’s delicious! The pineapple is grilled and it’s on a toasted bun with the perfect amount of teriyaki sauce,” says Janet Shostak

Chori Burger, Filistix
House-made beef and pork patty, with banana ketchup, fresh tomato and dijonnaise on a toasted pandesal bun (gives a bit of sweetness). This is one delicious burger.

Bacon Pepper Smash Burger, Fox Burger
“A little spicy and smoky, a lot tangy. Chef Sean O’Connor and the kitchen crew truly get the most out of their flat top—the patties are crispy and craggy delivered between a toasted house-made sesame bun. The toppings take it to the next level—smash sauce, pickled peppers, bacon, iceberg lettuce and that gooey American cheddar,” Ian Brietzke.

Cheeseburger, Glass Monkey
“Cooked to perfection. Juicy, flavourful, mouth-watering, deliciousness. Toppings add freshness, crunch, surprises to the taste buds. So yummy,” says Kim Kelly.

Brisket Burger, The Local Omnivore
This deeply-flavoured burger, served on a brioche bun with their special sauce and house-made pickles is still a big favourite of burger hounds. We like it with Grizzly Gouda and onion too.

Burger, The Next Act
Nominators loved the PB & J (crunchy peanut butter, bacon jam and cheddar) and the Agent (blue cheese, hot sauce, crispy onions and bacon), though pretty much every burger got at least one nom. The Next Act is a YEG fave.

CHZ Burger, Rebel
“It reminds me of an In-N-Out burger. Just the right amount of grease and cheese,” says Craig Colvin.

The Royale with Cheese, Royale Burgers and Beer
Nominators loved the loaded Royale was the top burger on the menu—two cheeses, Dijon aioli, ketchup, pickle, etc. Burgers here come as a choice of one large patty or two smashed patties. The veggie burger also saw some noms, dressed like the Royale but with a black bean patty.

Bourbon Burger, Wilfred’s
“An amazing burger short rib, white cheddar, aioli, lettuce, tomato and onion. Big enough for two. With fries!”

Double Beef Burger, Wishbone
The two thin patties have American cheese, pickles, iceberg, mayo, Dijon, all on a brioche bun—a must try according to nominators.

The Woodshed, Woodshed Burgers
“A juicy burger par excellence,” says a nominator. It was a race between The Woodshed (Irving’s bacon and wine braised onions) and the Juicy Lucy (barbecued short rib-stuffed and garlic aioli). The beef is local from Nonay farms and the toppings and condiments are made in house.

Cotto e Funghi, Artisti
The simple Margarita and the Formaggi with blue cheese garnered nominations for this newish pizza place near the Local Omnivore.

New York Spice, Ragazzi
“It’s so simple but so delicious. Perfect crispy thin crust, delicious cheese and spices. The restaurant itself is fantastic. Small, cozy but vibrant,” says Diana Varvis.

The Rosso, Rosso Pizzeria
The Rosso (Taleggio cheese, soppressata and hot Italian sausage) is loved by nominators as is the Ortolana (eggplant and goat cheese) and Rosso’s toothsome crust. “Beautiful chewy and charred crust, just as delicious cold the next day.” Rosso’s secret? The wood fired oven. There are 11 pizza bianca (without tomato sauce) on the menu as well.

Marinara, Sepps Pizza
The Marinara (capers, garlic, 36-month Parm) and the Canadian (prosciutto and pineapple) are the big hits. We also love the Margherita and the Apulo with hot peppers and Alberta honey. The crispy, slightly charred crust is thin enough to fold like a New York slice. Pick up at the back door of Café Leva, or have it delivered.

Top Edmonton Food Experiences

Afternoon Tea at the Art of Cake
“Not only is every bite simply sublime, the presentation is beautiful, the service outstanding and the decor lovely. I have been a fan of Gloria’s for years. Her wedding cakes are works of art, but how often can you have a wedding cake? Tea can be had on most any weekend. What a treat and worth every cent. Arrive hungry, you will leave full and happy,” says Leanne Smoliak.

Cheese School at Cavern
Several times a year Cavern, the cheese shop on 104 Street, offers cheese school. It is a unique way to explore cheese—by comparative tasting, or how to pair it with wine and beer; or a primer on a certain kind of cheese, like washed rind for example and other useful cheese info. They are also relaxed and fun, usually on Sunday afternoons with wine and sometimes with guests.

Kitchen by Brad
“It is such a unique venue, with so much to offer. I have attended a cooking class there, picked up meatball lunches, attended special events such as a gin tasting, long table dinners and we hosted our son’s rehearsal dinner there. Every experience is different, new and exciting and I can’t wait to see what he is up to next.” Aubin Nixon. Chef Brad Smoliak’s custom space is ideal for classes, meetings, wine dinners, fundraisers and special occasions.

Ruby Apron/Awn Kitchen
Whether it’s soups and stews, fermentation, or pasta—Kaelin Whittaker makes it oh-so-doable. Kaelin, the sourdough whisperer, has taught legions of folks the ins and outs of sourdough. One problem though, classes generally sell out the day they are posted. Lucky for us Kaelin is moving to a new location in the fall. The new name is Awn Kitchen, which refers to the stiff bristle-like appendages found on cereals like barley, rye and other grasses, fitting for an expert baker!

Get Cooking
Classes at Katherine Joel’s modern space on the MacEwan campus are a delight. Often there are special guests (the Soup Sisters from Calgary; Sui To, the green onion cake man, Mai Nguyen, dumplings; Scott Iserhoff, indigenous cuisine; Aditya Raghavan, Indian); special events like Date Night Fridays, special dinners (Earth Day Dinner, April 22 ) and, this fall, a tour to Vietnam.

Farm Dinners:
Get outside for a long table dinner this summer

RGE RD started doing amazing long table dinners on the pristine prairie at Nature’s Green Acres about a decade ago. Now both RGE RD and Get Cooking hold dinners with Tam Anderson at Prairie Gardens and Riverbend Gardens. Brad Smoliak (Kitchen by Brad) created dinners for several years at Elk Island National Park, and, will continue this summer with the Old Barn. Open Farm Days in August creates several farm dinners across the province.

The new Downtown Market on 97 Street
The new space is clean, bright and roomy with an eclectic mix of new and former vendors. After a few years of uncertainty, this is a terrific new home, and, it’s back to its roots. The original city market was 100 years on 97 Street. “We participated in a really great thing on 104 and left it in a better place than we found it. To have a place where people can be inside in the winter is wonderful,” says Jenny Berkenbosch, Sundog Organic Farm.

Coffee Flights at Rogue Wave Coffee
“Ply and the Daves take a meticulously scientific approach to sourcing, selecting, roasting and serving coffee. From fruity, juicy and jammy washed Colombians, to rich, chocolatey and full of caramel character Guatemalans and heirloom Ethiopians full of wine-like character, you are guaranteed to find a coffee you love from these dudes. Getting to sample three little ones at a time, means you aren’t gonna leave the shop vibrating,” says Ian Breitzke.