Top 100 Best Things to Eat or Drink in Edmonton

TomatoTop100 2020

What a year! Memorable for all the wrong reasons and it’s not over yet. So, please, keep ordering (and dining in, when allowed) from your favourite restaurant. Last May someone asked us, ‘Who should we order from?” Our reply: Which restaurants contribute to our culture, our community, our pride, our local economy? The local independent; the owner-operated spot, the chef-driven. Order from the places which don’t normally do take-out—their pivot has been the most dramatic and their learning curve the steepest. Order from that place in your ’hood that you like. You want it to be there when things get back to normal, whatever normal may end up looking like. You might have to pick it up. We think that’s a small price to pay to keep our food scene alive.

The methodology: Everything on this list had multiple nominations (a record 2,356) and we picked the best quote about the dish when we could. Sometimes, we put several nominations together to save space, but when the numbers were numerous for a dish, we made a separate entry. We apologise in advance for any errors and don’t be too upset with us if your favourite dish didn’t make the list. (Make a note to get us those noms next year.)

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Meal kits, Steve Babish photo1. Meal Kits
Restaurants responded to the shutdown last year with vigour. Not right away perhaps, but most were offering some sort of take-out menu within six weeks. The biggest challenge was to discover what would resonate with their customers and taste best out of a box. Many changed their menus to incorporate more casual dishes and set up special food nights—Chinese night, burger night, Ukrainian night. The Corso Group took a different approach. Their challenge was to recreate the Uccellino or Corso 32 experience at home, not the easiest thing to do when your menu is about rigorous attention to pasta. They created meal kits (photo) containing pastas, sauces, all the accoutrements, accompanied by precise instructions. Soon we had barbecue kits from Pampa, sushi kits, brunch kits, Biera boxes,Peking Duck kits from XIX, cocktail kits. The Marc’s kits included a Zoom invitation to cook along with their chef. These ingenious responses to keeping customers happy during the pandemic is a prime example of the constant reinvention restaurateurs had to do to survive. And that’s why it’s number one.
Ryan Hotchkiss, chef owner Bündok, Curtis Comeau photoography.
Ryan Hotchkiss, chef owner Bündok, Curtis Comeau photo

2. Parmigiana Soup, Bündok
“Parmigiana soup!” –Lisa D. This downtown bistro consistently puts out absolutely delicious food. There are nominations for this soup, the gnocchi Parisienne, the tasty kohlrabi salad and features.

Uccellino Cod, Steve Babish photo3. Roast Cod, Uccellino
So many nominations for so many delicious dishes. The cod, charred savoy cabbage, paccheri, various iterations of the seasonal salad, and the smashed pea crostini.
The Marc’s pommes frites4. Frites, The Marc
The Marc’s pommes frites with a glass of Champagne is an affordable luxury. The beignets, those warm and pillowy bits of fried sweet nothings with caramel sauce are hard to resist. “The braised short rib from the takeout menu redefined takeout for me.” –Paul G.
House-made Goats Cheese Ricotta, Corso 32, Steve Babish photo 5. House-made Goats Cheese Ricotta, Corso 32
“The ricotta crostini was my favourite appetizer at Corso 32. So happy we can get it weekly on Corso at Home, even if we have to make our own crostini.”–Shelley B. The cacio et pepe  kit and the chili oil had several nominations as well. We have missed dining out at Uccellino so much and were thrilled when signature dishes were available on Corso at Home and now for take out.
Rge Rd Chocolate Bar Dessert6. Chocolate Bar Dessert, RGE Rd
“Crunchy hazelnut base, creamy dark chocolate ganache, candied hazelnuts, crème fraîche, roasted chicory, red current, popping candy, and an iced cream. It was the smoothest ice cream we’ve tasted too. The popping candy added the perfect amount of whimsy and intrigue. The whole experience at Rge Rd was enjoyable—we unanimously agreed the desserts were the highlight of the evening. (Recalling this nearly a year later is definitely a testament of how memorable the desserts were).” –Fred H. “Charcuterie boxes: we can’t wait to have them again!” –Laurie K.
Bar Bricco Egg Ravioli 7. Egg Ravioli, Bar Bricco
“The egg yolk raviolo at Bar Bricco is one of the absolute best things to eat in Edmonton, still. From the thin, perfectly cooked pasta, the runny egg yolk, the next level burnt butter and Grana Padano, to the crispy sage—the herbal accent of this luxurious dish. You can’t go wrong with Bricco’s menu. But you’d be absolutely remiss if you don’t have this.” –Ian B.
XIX Tuna Twists8. Tuna Twists, Nineteen
XIX Nineteen’s ahi tuna appetizer served on a spoon with spicy Thai noodles and a garnish of Asian-inspired slaw is still a winner. “Cook at home Peking Duck was one of my favourite eats this past year.” –Nigel B.
Bodega Piri Piri Prawns
Lillian Tse photo

9. Piri Piri Prawns, Bodega
“It is so hard to pick one dish from all the amazing small plates, but the piri piri prawns and Serrano ham croquettes are stand outs. Nice wine list and for a more formal dinner, the lobster risotto upstairs at Sabor is to die for.” -Cindy H.

10. Nalysnyky, Glass Monkey
“The cottage cheese-filled crepes are as good as my Baba’s. The Glass Monkey is a great place to pick up take out especially when they have Ukrainian night. They rotate their curbside menu—we love when the spicy wonton soup is on offer, and of course, always finish with Jack’s Bread Pudding.” –Cindy G. “My grandchildren will eat no other mac’n’cheese.” –Alison U.
Japonais Bistro Pressed salmon roll
Curtis Comeau photo

11. Pressed salmon roll, Japonais Bistro
There are legions of fans of Japonais Bistro sushi, especially the salmon roll.

Meuwly’s smoked ham12. Smoked ham, Meuwly’s
“It is one of my favourite things to eat in Edmonton.” –Aditya R. Also, the fennel salami. “Love the balance of herbal notes with the lusciousness of the fat. So good with cheese and a glass of wine or on homemade pizza or pasta.” –Kelly A.
13. Tasting menus, Butternut Tree
Also the Christmas treat box with pickled and smoked quail eggs and pine mushrooms.
Filistix Coconut Chicken14. Coconut Chicken, Filistix
The South Pacific Coconut Chicken topped the large number of noms for Filistix’s delicious food. Also nominated were various Filistix holiday feasts and the Kamayan, giving us a taste of Filipino culture.
Duck Confit, La Petite Iza15. Duck Confit, La Petite Iza (Eleanor et Laurent)
For the brief moment La Petite Iza was open last year we were able to enjoy the exquisite duck confit, mussels lightly scented with fresh tarragon and the frites cooked in duck fat. Sublime. Here’s to summer and enjoying these dishes on the spectacular third floor deck looking north to downtown. Fingers crossed.
16. Blood Sausage, the Butchery
Nominators were quick to talk about the toothsome blood sausage and the beautiful cuts of Nonay beef. The Butchery is, essentially, a butcher shop run by chef Blair Lebsack who has been fully committed to local product for decades.
17. Horseradish Beef Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms, Popowich Meat Company
Delicious prepared foods hit the spot last year. Especially the house-made goodies at Popowich Meats. “The flavour is incredible, with just the right hint of horseradish. Amazing when prepared on a smoker.” –Neil K. “The chicken breast stuffed with flavoured cream cheese is delicious—really like the spicier varieties,” said K.
Rosso Pizza
Curtis Comeau  photo

18. Rosso Pizza
It’s all about that wood-fired crust. Rosso Pizza continues to deliver a terrific pizza experience. Most nominated were the Rosso pizza with hot Italian sausage, the Tallegio and the Funghi Misti (pizza bianca).

19. Croque Mon’soubise, Partake
“Chef Cyrilles’ hot sandwich is the warm big hug that I cannot wait to eat again when things open up. It showcases two amazing Edmonton products—La Boule’s country loaf and Meuwly’s ham.” –Addie R. “Partake’s beef tartare and bouillabaisse with all the fixings to make it great for celebrating birthdays at home.” –Keith F.
“My husband and I love dropping in at Happy Hour, when we can enjoy a glass of wine and small snacks. We love the Aligot, potatoes whipped with Gruyère and a bit of garlic. The service at the bar is always amazing and their French onion soup is the best we have had in the city.” –Cindy G.
20. Sunday Night Dinners, Canteen
“Canteen started to offer a three-course Sunday dinner for pick-up. The rest of their Covid menu-to-go was delicious and easy to share. We hope they keep doing this even though they can be open now.”
Croissant aux Amandes, Eleanor et Laurent
Spencer Gatt photo

21. Croissant aux Amandes, Eleanor et Laurent
“I’ve had many almond croissants in Edmonton and this one is definitely the best.” –Holly O. Also, the quiche Lorraine, pitch perfect, flaky pastry, just the right amount of ham. “Actually, this pastry case is to die for.” –Molly Y.

22. Wednesday Night Dinner, Kitchen by Brad
Faced with not being able to hold classes or offer a bespoke space for meetings and dinners, Kitchen by Brad turned to offering Wednesday dinners which included a donation to the Mazankowski. Delicious homey meals such as roast chicken or braised beef, often with a tasty dessert. Now, Tuesday and Thursday night take out is available too.
23. Apulo Pizza, Sepps
Sepp’s thin crust New York-style pizza is wildly popular. The most noms were for the Apulo with spicy soppressata, but we go for the Canadian (yes, with pineapple). Edmonton restaurant veteran Joe Parottino conceived Sepps as take-out only, from the back of Café Leva (now Ace Coffee), from the start—a happy coincidence considering.
Lockstock kouign-amann
24. Kouign-amann, Lockstock
“Didn’t go out much, but we kept our Saturday ritual of coffee at Lockstock as long as we could. Extra hot latte and the best pastry in the city, Lockstock’s kouign-amann. Oh, how I miss those Saturday mornings.” –Leanne S. “Their coffee (ACE Coffee Roasters) is delicious, the breakfast sandwiches, the malva pudding cake, their snegl, but the kouign-amann is simply beyond reproach. Each layer of pastry and butter is a delight to tear away and savour.” –DF.
Kind Ice cream Strawberry25. Maple Bourbon Ice Cream, Kind
The maple bourbon pecan, real deal strawberry and the not too sweet vanilla were tops with nominators. Their special flavours always sell out. “Their ice cream, their ethics, their Covid protocol—love everything about Kind.” –Amanda L.
26. Austin Brisket Sandwich, Curbside Food Truck
“Their beef brisket is outstanding. The perfect balance between comfort food and sophisticated classic.” –Todd B. “Flavour explosion and very filling!” –Kim W.
27. Cumberland Sausage, Irving’s
“My quick meals often mean pulling a package of these sausages out of the freezer and using them as the inspiration for dinner—toad in the hole, sausage and mash, in a bun with all the fixings dipped into a good strong mustard.” –Kaelin W.
28. Ube Ice Cream, Yelo’d
The gorgeously coloured ube (purple yam), the matcha and the Milo flavours all garnered nominations. And the affogatos. This tiny Whyte Ave shop has legions of fans and a lineup out the door most days.
Otto Dog
29. Otto Dog and Garlic Fries, Otto
“When they finally opened, for making us feel safe in a plexiglass-enclosed booth.” –Shauna F. “Otto sausage, Otto fries, Otto mac and cheese.” –Ashley M.
Focaccia, Negroni, Bar Bricco30. Focaccia, Negroni, Bar Bricco
“Light, fluffy, perfectly salty. My friends refer to this as my birthday cake after a birthday celebration at Bricco where I ate more than my fair share of two orders of this heavenly bread.” –Amanda L. It’s always a pleasure (even in these socially distanced times) to have a Negroni at Bar Bricco.
Workshop Eatery Southern Fried Chicken31. Workshop Eatery (HenHouse) Southern Fried Chicken
“Workshop had to pivot and change their business model during Covid. One of their feature items is now their Southern fried chicken. It has just the right amount of spice, not too heavily breaded and nice and crispy. The price point is awesome too, especially when adding extra pieces.” –Cecile W.
32. Detroit-style pizza, High Dough
“The small, cozy Three Boars was absolutely not going to be able to operate with the restrictions put in place. Pizza lovers thank their lucky stars that chef-owner Brayden Kozak put that old pizza oven in the kitchen to use. The pies are thick, rich, delicious, and have that signature crispy and cheesy crust. Ranging from classics to my favourite, the Kim’s Convenience (with house-made kimchi and a sesame-ginger dressing) the High Dough is putting out quality pizza that is, some of the best in the ever-growing pizza landscape in Edmonton.” –Ian B.
33. Southwestern BBQ Father’s Day Take & Bake, A Cappella Catering
“It was excellent: five stars.” –Fanta C. “The take and bake meals are absolutely delicious and stress free. Special shout out to the Holiday Feast take and bake. The stuffing is truly amazing.” –Michelle S. “Christmas Dinner with all the fixins’. Excellent quality. Service. Price.” –Andy R.
Lobster Mac & Cheese, Chartier34. Lobster Mac & Cheese, Chartier
Nominators mentioned the bread window, the ready-when-you-are cocktail mixes that allow you to add the alcohol (or not) and, especially, Chartier’s different ways with lobster—in an East coast-style lobster roll, in poutine and in mac and cheese.
Vacherin Mont-d’Or AOP, Cavern Cheese35. Vacherin Mont-d’Or AOP, Cavern Cheese
A cow’s milk cheese made from summer milk high in the Alps, only available for a few short months around Christmas. This is what cheese lovers live for. Nominators also mentioned the excellent selection of cheeses from Ontario, PEI and Quebec, the raw milk cheeses and sheep’s cheeses.
36. Pecan Pie Gelato, Little Bear
“Delicious, nothing quite like it.” –Thomas B. “Belgian chocolate!” –Barbara S.
37. Edgar Farms’ Asparagus
“Even Covid couldn’t stop the spring treat of fresh Alberta-grown asparagus.” The season was short in 2020 due to the cold and rainy spring.
Chicken Karage, Dorinku 38. Chicken Karaage, Dorinku
“The chicken karaage is really good, the corn fritters and the skewers, so good. Love the whole menu.” –Curtis C.
La Boule Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant 39. La Boule Chocolate Hazelnut Croissant
“Because I could eat my body weight in these, the flaky pastry is perfection!” –Colleen H. The pastry at La Boule received many noms—éclairs, carrot cake, savoury croissants and the breads, especially the caraway rye
Coffee Bureau40. Coffee, Coffee Bureau
“Best brew in the land.” –Ailynn W.
41. #213, Noodle Feast
“There are not many local restaurants that specialize in authentic Northern Chinese cuisine and their hand-pulled noodles are unlike anything else offered in this city. I’d definitely recommend the #213: rolling noodles with egg and  tomato sauce, minced pork and hot chili oil. The chili oil is not overly spicy, perfect amount of protein and price is very reasonable given the portion size. You will not be disappointed.” –Charn J.
Wine in a Can42. Wine in a Can
Wine in a can allowed us to have socially distant happy hours. “Thank you Color de Vino for bringing me tasty wine in a can for Wine Fridays in the alley—Benjamin Bridge Pet-Nat!” –Shauna F.
43. Long Shadows IPA, Blindman Brewing
“A beer that I’ve enjoyed (perhaps a bit too much) though the months of the long shadows this year.” –Kaelin W.
44. Salad Rolls, Pho Boy
“Nicest salad rolls in town. So generous.” –Ailynn W.
Bibimbap, Buok Fresh Korean Kitchen45. Bibimbap, Buok Fresh Korean Kitchen
“Their bibimbap is amazing, fresh and handmade with care. Amazing and authentic Korean food located in the heart of Edmonton.” –Trinity S. Both versions of their kimchi, seafood and vegetarian, have ardent fans.
Compost Cookie, Culina to Go46. Compost Cookie, Culina to Go
“Ticks all the boxes—sweet, salty, crispy edges, chewy centre—the best cookie you can imagine and it’s the size of your head!” –Colleen H.
47. Sea Salt Goat Milk Caramel Ice Cream, Made by Marcus
“This is the best ice cream I have ever had. They use all local ingredients, everything is house-made, and it is phenomenal.” –Allessia B.
48. Fried Chicken, Northern Chicken
“Moist and flavourful. Best mac and cheese—Doritos on top and in the cheese sauce. Yummy! Best cornbread, drizzled with a warm honey thyme glaze.” –Donna P.
49. Vegan Samosas, Buns & Roses Bakery
“The pastry is absolute perfection and the filling bursting with flavour. Whoever said vegan food is bland will be proved wrong here.” –Ella W. Also, the gluten free buckwheat bread, especially tasty when toasted.
Grilled Octopus and Negroni, Cibo Bistro50. Grilled Octopus and Negroni, Cibo Bistro
“I have been all over the world and have tasted many octopus dishes. What Rosario does is next level! Best I have ever had.” –Mike M. “Cibo’s Negroni is the best in the city, uses premium Italian vermouth and top shelf gin. The perfect amount of each compliment the Campari.” –Jackie T.
51. Hawkins Cheezies
“The most recognized Canadian snack, the pride of Belleville and the best thing to come out of Ontario other than Justin Bieber. Most would nominate one of Daniel Costa’s establishments for their incredible contributions to the Edmonton culinary scene but sometimes you just need a bag of Hawkins. All for the very reasonable price of $1.50.” –TJ T.
Backstairs Burgers52. OG Burger, Backstairs Burgers
The burger side project that became a full-time gig for chefs Levi Biddlecombe and Robert Wick. “This burger is insane—juicy, messy and crazy delicious.” Bobbie F.
53. GF Frozen Pizza Crust and Pizza Dough, Italian Centre Shop
So handy to have in the freezer, take out the day before. When ready, roll out, pile on your favourite toppings and make pizza!
54. Blue Cheeseburger, Mushroom Burger and Chicken Sandwich, Fox Burger Bar
The blue cheeseburger, mushroom burger and the chicken sandwich were tied for nominations. That must mean you can’t go wrong with your menu choice at Fox Burger.
55. Chirashi Donburi, Bento Boxes, Kobachi
This Ocean Wise resto in Sherwood Park has plenty of fans. The sustainable tuna, salmon and scallop sashimi in the Chirashi Donburi and all the bento boxes were nominated. Add the Brussels sprouts with ponzu and togarashi to that list.
Farrow’s Grick Middle Sandwich56. Chief Beef, Grick Middle Sandwiches, Farrow Sandwich
The Grick Middle is considered by some to be the best sandwich in the city, followed closely by the Chief Beef. Farrow now has four delicious locations. Woo hoo!
57. Caprese Salad, Vivo Ristorante
“My vote goes for the Caprese salad.” Christina Q. “Medi’s tagine dish (at Canada’s Great Kitchen Party) was pretty fabulous!” Shauna F.
58. Ricotta Parma Fresca, Bianco
Nominators found this delicious Parmigiano and ricotta spread irresistible, as well as the pizza, as to be expected from the sister resto to Rosso.
Duke Cake, Duchess Bake Shop59. Duchess Bake Shop
There were nominations for the sour cream cherry pie, the Duke cake, the ginger cookies, macaron (remember when Duchess was the only place to buy macarons?), the savoury Gruyere croissant and the Duchess Cookbook (both of them). So happy we have the Duchess.
60. One Vodka, Sour Cherry Vodka, MD Distillery
The One, along with the sour cherry vodka, from a new premium distillery in St. Albert were both nominated “With everything they make, whether it be food or alcohol, they have a pairing to go with it.” Sarah W.
Nai Nai Mie Noodles61. Chicks on Shrooms Noodle Dinner, Nai Nai Mie
A perfectly seasoned, delicious and savoury frozen noodle dinner that comes with precise, easy to follow directions. So handy to have in the freezer for quick-don’t-feel-like-cooking meals. There is spicy chicken, beef and plain noodles available too.
62. Mushroom Udon, Shojo Izakaya
The mushroom udon with kombu soy cream sauce and crispy onions was a hit as well as the koji fried chicken and salmon toro tartare.
High Tea Cake, Art of Cake63. High Tea, Quiche, Art of Cake
The Art of Cake’s High Tea is spectacular. Consider the sandwiches: six traditional English crustless tea sandwiches per person, on white sourdough, whole wheat and seeded, as well as scones, six sweets per person and tea of course. Enjoy with their clotted cream and preserves. And the quiche.
Daily Soups, Photo: Kara Fenske, Drift
Kara Fenske, Drift

64. Weekly Soups, Drift Food Truck
Always delicious soups—ham and bean, chowders, Mexican, different every week. As well, don’t miss the TypTop Bakery items and tasty collabs with various Edmonton food businesses.

Mai Dumpling
 Mai Nguyen, Gourmai Dumplings

65. Pork and Lemongrass Dumplings, Gourmai Dumplings
“Fun flavours and always well balanced.” Shauna F.

66. Eggs, Four Whistle Farm
“Beautiful eggs from very nice farmers. I always get them at the Downtown Market, but they are at Old Strathcona and Bountiful too.” Katie G.
67. Tequeños, Avila Arepa
“Amazing, better than in my country, Venezuela.” Diego F. “Tequeños, the best, chewy, delicious, melted cheese goodness.” Patricia V.
68. Carrots, Celery, Sundog Organic Farm
“All their vegetables really, but the carrots and celery are always great, season after season.” Caroline M.
Fort Distillery Cocktails 69. Fort Distillery Cocktails, Fort Distillery
Who didn’t need a solo cocktail in 2020? Nominators chose the maple Old Fashioned and the Daiquiri as fave libations from the Fort.
70. Vermicelli, Pho Du
“The vermicelli bowl is incredible. Complex flavours, great attention to detail, huge portions and inexpensive prices. It’s a diner’s dream come true.” Kathy M.
71. Salted Caramelized Chocolate and Biscuits Bar, Colleen’s Chocolates
“This chocolate bar takes chocolate to a whole new level. The sweet and salty combination with crunchy biscuits is a flavour to savour. Too good to share.” Brandie Lee W.
72. Bagels, June’s Deli
“June’s Deli for bagels.” Megan B.
Dumplings, Tang Bistro73. Dumplings, Tang Bistro
Nominators love the savoury flavours of these Northern Chinese-style dumplings. Larger than most and quite sturdy, with fresh tasting, delicate fillings.
74. Fish and Chips, Three Vikings
Beer-battered haddock on a Bon Ton Bakery bun with slaw and crispy fries. You in?
75. North Carolina Style Whole Hog, Pitt County,
“As far as I know he’s the only person in Edmonton doing whole hog the way he does and you can tell when you eat the pork, best pulled pork in Edmonton.” Levi B.
76. Chicken and Waffles, Charcuterie Boxes, The Common
Nominators are big fans of the chicken and waffles and this year, charcuterie boxes, ideal for curbside pick-up.
Green onion cake man Sui To
Sui To, the green onion cake man

77. Green Onion Cakes, Green Onion Cake Man
“The Green Onion Cake Man for green onion cakes.” Megan B.



Butter Tarts, Gramma Bears
Harold and Evelyn Gramma Bears

78. Butter Tarts, Gramma Bears Home Baking
Old Strathcona Market regulars know they need to get to the Gramma Bears stand early if they want to bag the deliciously old-fashioned butter tarts.

Brown Butter Café Good Morning Bunwich79. Good Morning Bunwich, Brown Butter Café
“This wonderful little cafe on the southside serves one of the best breakfasts in the city. The good morning bunwich is such a delight.” David P.
80. Special Kitfo, Awash Ethiopian
“It belongs on the Top100 because it will warm your soul. A dish for celebrating all the things we can be grateful for. The ayib and gomen balance the heat and accentuate the spice profile perfectly.” Jael K.
81. The Huarache, La Patrona
“The Huarache is so flavourful—homemade corn flat bread with refried beans, cilantro vinaigrette, salsa Mexicana, sour cream, feta and avocado. All of the salsas and food is made from scratch, and the portion sizes are huge!” Cindy G.
82. Breakfast Sandwich, Little Brick Café
“The drink selections are numerous, delicious and unique but the best menu item is the breakfast sandwich (I had it with smoked ham). Little Brick brings charm to the heart of Riverdale and the food is fabulous.” Merle J.
Prairie Herb Cultured Cashew Spread 83. Prairie Herb Cultured Cashew Spread, Truffula Cheese
Nominators love this creamy and savoury spread, especially on a St. Viateur bagel at Coffee Bureau.
84. Roasted Garlic Hummus, Smoked Salmon Caper Spread, Pita, Happy Camel
Nominators love the quality and convenience of Happy Camel dips and their delicious pita and pita chips.
Rosewood Foods85. Breakfast Sandwich, Pastry, Rosewood Foods
“The pastry is different every day but always really good” Sam W. The breakfast sandwiches have fans, especially the Pembina bacon version. Rosewood opened in the middle of the pandemic, downtown, next to The Artworks. Glad they did.
Hand-held Bennie, Juniper Bistro86. Raspberry GF Scone, Handheld Bennie, Juniper Café
Nominators love Juniper’s raspberry scone and of course, the handheld bennie.
Spicoli Decaf, Sorellina Coffee87. Spicoli Decaf, Sorellina Coffee
Rich and full bodied, hard to believe that it’s decaf. Find at Meuwly’s, Café Rista and served at Art of Cake.
88. Curry Springrolls, Pho or Kuy Teav Noodle Shack
Springrolls and pho got the noms, along with the mango chili drink.
89. Meringue Cake, Baltyk Bakery
“It lives up to its description, ‘the perfect balance of flavours.’ Many beautiful layers that work so well together.” Ella W.
90. Butter Chicken Dumplings, Honest Dumplings
“They are a local conscious company who makes delicious creative dumplings—makes eating fun and exciting.” Suzanne L.
91. Butter Chicken, Lovely Pizza and Indian
“From a little hole-in-the-wall family place in the north end. It’s fantastic!” Nigel W
92. Petit Jackie Bar, Jacek
“I always get the Petit Jackie bar (caramelized milk chocolate and sea salt) and the Petit Rodrigo (dark chocolate, passion fruit and ginger). Truly delicious little works of art.” Michael M.
93. Salted Caramel, Caramunchies
“It is a delicious local snack, perfect for munching and also makes a great gift. The caramel is unlike any other, the perfect combo of sweet and salty.” Angie B.
Cinnamon buns TypTop Bakery
Photo: Typ Top cinnamon buns

94. Dinner buns, TypTop Bakery
“Inspiration for regular baking from Kelsie at TypTop. Long live white buns,” Shauna F.

95. Steak Tartare, Bistro Praha
“Between the crispy, buttery, deep fried bread, the portion size, the enormous capers and the decadent tartare, this is one of the best dishes you can find in Edmonton.” Jill E.
96. Latte, Square 1 Coffee
“The perfect latte, I struggle to drive by and not pop in to grab myself a latte.” Kaelin W.
97. BLT, PIP
“From the thick in-house bacon to the home-style bread, everything about this sandwich is outstanding. I’ve had this many times and every time it’s been consistently great.” Elaine R.
98. Steak Sandwich, Steacken Bar & Grill
“The chef is trying to bring fresh, quality dining at affordable prices. The steak sandwich was fantastic—you could taste the quality of the cut, and it was cooked and seasoned to perfection. The aioli and arugula were perfect additions to the delicious bread.” Karen J.
Art of Charcuterie99. Charcuterie Boards, Art of Charcuterie
Boards became boxes during the pandemic. Nominators were excited about the range (for a solo diner, up to a dozen people) the style (beautiful to look at and delicious to eat) and the quality (Meuwly’s house made charcuterie, locally-sourced cheeses and fruit).
100. Alaska King Crab Legs, Ocean Odyssey Inland
“We had these luscious Alaskan king crab legs for NYE and they were the best thing I have eaten all year, maybe ever. The meat was tender sweet, melt in your mouth. I crave them every day now.” Sandra K.
101. Bread, Carnepapi Secret Bread Club
“The breads from chef Stephen Hlushak (Uccellino) are amazing,” Nigel W.
Haskap Berries, Rosy Farms102. Haskap Berries, Rosy Farms
“Have to get haskaps on the list! If you’ve tried them it would be hard to disagree. Berry picking was one of the few things we could do last summer,” Dave N.