The Tomato

September/October 2012


Found: the Lost Art of Charcuterie
Mary Bailey

Wild Things
Musk ox, bison and elk, oh my! | Jack Danylchuk

Where’s the Beef?
Branding beef | Mary Bailey

The Other Meats
Meet the Horns, the De Boers and the Irvings

Fathers, Sons, Guns and Dogs
A family love story | Mary Bailey


Gastronomic happenings around town

Alberta Pantry
Alberta-grown processed meats direct from family farms

In Season
Pumpkin | Mary Bailey

The Proust Culinary Questionnaire
Jeff Senger, Sangudo Custom Meats

Beer Guy
Beer and meat | Peter Bailey

Kitchen Sink
What’s new and notable

According to Judy
What the truck? | Judy Schultz

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