November/December 2012

November/December 2012


An Entertaining Menu
A Cypriot Christmas | Matthew Lakis, Ousia Restaurant

The Artful Table
Finding beauty in everyday objects

The Cuisine of Memory | Recipes
Chefs’ memories of holiday foods | Mary Bailey

Tracy Zizek’s Sweet Christmas
Gather friends for a baking party | Tracy Zizek

Cook’s Tools
What tool or gadget do working cooks use every day?

Liquid Gifts
From cash-strapped friends and rich uncle Bob

The Dairy Down the Road
Making cheese in Kitscoty | Mary Bailey

Plump pillows of goodness | Jan Hostyn

Beers, Beach and Burritos
Off the resort in Playa del Carmen | Amanda LeNeve

Gold Medal Plates 2012
Edmonton’s sold out event creates winners | Mary Bailey



Gastronomic happenings around town

Feeding People
Ernest’s Dining Room | Mary Bailey

The Proust Culinary Questionnaire
Michael Freeland, Cococo

Wine Maven
Mary Bailey

Alberta Pantry: Savoury & Sweet

Edible gifts to give and get

Beer Guy

Beer this year | Peter Bailey

In Season

In defence of fruitcake | Mary Bailey

According to Judy

Suzy’s Party: A Christmas Tale | Judy Schultz