The Best Tomato Sandwich in the Whole World

We asked the Edmonton Horticultural Society for their favourite tomato recipes.

“Nothing compares to a fresh, vine-ripened tomato just picked off the vine, lovingly grown and lovingly picked, sun kissed and still warm, juicy, plump, exploding with flavour, with the unbelievable taste and texture sent to us from tomato heaven!”
– Florence Nieberding

2 vine-ripened home grown tomatoes
2 slices very good artisan fresh bread (your favourite)
good quality mayonnaise

Slather your bread generously with mayonnaise. Slice the tomatoes very thick (about ½- to ¾-inch). Place tomato slices on the bread and top with second slice or serve them open faced. To Die For!

Optional: you may add fresh basil leaves, watercress, spring mix lettuce, arugula, avocado, salt, pepper, or any other favourite sandwich ingredients of your choice. You may also toast your bread if you wish. I prefer mine without too many ingredients because I love the natural flavour of the tomato alone to come through.

Now that’s tomato heaven!