Because it’s such a wonderful catch-all term, charcuterie is used to describe all manner of things:

A smooth mixture of seasoned ground meat (often liver) and fat often topped with aspic or more fat to help preserve it. Pate en croute has a pastry top. A delicious treat.

Cooked meat (originally pork belly, shoulder or game birds) mixed with fat to create a spreadable texture.

Similar to a pate but generally chunkier and layered. Also the dish a terrine or pate is placed in.

Deboned chicken stuffed with a ground meat mixture, wrapped in its own skin, and then cooked. Turducken would be a galantine of sorts. A ballotine is a leg made in the same fashion.

Cooking something at a low temperature in its own fat, then storing the meat in this fat in a covered container. Eg. duck confit.

Coarse meat mixture wrapped in caul fat. Very savoury.

Cured, air-dried and fermented. Salami are often covered in mold, either naturally or injected, which prevent spoliage and imparts a unique regional flavour.

Italian charcuterie.