Salmon Gravlax

“Growing up in a Scandinavian community, salmon gravlax made an appearance at every social get together from the Lucia Pageant to Midsommar. Everyone has their own take on this dish whether it contains herbs, spirits, what type of sugar and how much salt to use, but over the years and through many, many tastings, I have found my favourite.”
–Kelsey Johnson, Café Linnea

1 side salmon
1 handful fresh dill
1 grated beet
2 T akavit
½ c sugar
1 c salt (I prefer Diamond sea salt)

Gently rinse the salmon on both sides and lay, skin side down, on a long sheet of saran wrap. Using a pastry brush, coat the flesh side with the akavit and top with the springs of dill and grated beet. Mix the sugar and salt together and cover the fish with the entire mixture. Wrap tightly with the saran and, with a sharp knife, pierce the package about 6 times or so, so that as the fish cures, the excess moisture can escape. Place the package in a rimmed container where it can lay flat and refrigerate for about 24 hours. You can cure the fish longer for a more candied texture, up to 3 days maximum, or less for a fresher taste. Slice as thinly as possible and serve with hardtack, steamed potatoes, or any good bread.

Serves 6 -8 depending on the size of salmon.