Tomato Crossword March April 2019

by Myles Mellor

Crossword March April

1 Traditional fare with nostalgic appeal, 2 words
8 Late morning meals
10 It might be cut up for fries
11 Date
13 Pink wine
14 Prepare eggs, in a way
17 Naval rank, abbr.
18 Take a good look at
19 Tavern
21 Waiter’s need
23 Noted Rioja wine cellar in an old monastery in Navarre, 3 words
28 Dad, for short
29 Edmonton restaurant where you can sample some Riojas, The ____, 2 words
33 Social occasion
34 Amounts of sugar added in champagne preparation
35 Term describing how the wine smells in the glass
1 Famous red
2 Rich desserts
3 First word in a fairy tale
4 Brit’s molasses
5 __tail soup
6 Salsa or guacamole, for example
7 Incuded in a recipe
9 Born name indicator
12 It might be served as a leg or a rack
15 Fruit for smoothies and desserts
16 Reservation, for short
20 Had some
22 Dough ingredient
24 Samuel ____ beer
25 Put too much dressing on, for example
26 Appreciated Facebook symbols
27 Allowed to improve, as cheeses or wines
30 Sister, for short
31 Night before Christmas, e.g.
32 Old form of you