Northern Lands

Seminars for wine lovers

Here’s a sneak peek of the startling array of seminars and wine tastings. Latest info:

Mythbusters: Who says you can’t pair wine with…
What to drink with Indian, Central American, Mexican Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Malaysian food. With chefs Vikram Vij and Eric Hanson.

Wine & Health: The Truths, Myths & Somewhere In-betweens
Learn the truths, myths and maybes from two Harvard-trained physicians/wine lovers/writers, doctors Ian D’Agata and Michael Apstein.

Aged Riesling: Why it’s so F’in’ Good!
Don’t miss this panel with some of the most accomplished Riesling producers in the country: David Paterson, Tantalus, Rhys Pender MW, Little Farm, Charles Baker, Charles Baker Wines and Tom Pennachetti of Cave Spring Cellars, especially if you are under the impression that Riesling is ho-hum. Moderator: Ian D’Agata.

Syrah: The Future of Big Reds in BC?
Taste and discuss the rewards and difficulties of BC Syrah. Check out this lineup! Andrew Windsor, Tinhorn Creek, Severine Pinte, Le Vieux Pin, John Skinner, Painted Rock, Bertus Albertyn, Maverick, Mike Bartier, Bartier Bros, Nikki Callaway, Quails’ Gate, Joe Luckhurst, Road 13, Sophie Laurent, Burrowing Owl.

The Maturity of the Canadian Wine Industry:
The panel: Christine Coletta, Okanagan Crush Pad, Paul Pender, Tawse, Charles Baker, Charles Baker Wines, Jak Meyer, Meyer Family, Darryl Brooker, Mission Hill, Jean-Benoit Deslauriers, Benjamin Bridge, Paul Speck, Henry of Pelham, Ezra Cipes, Summerhill and writers Ian D’Agata, Vinous, Stephen Brook, Decanter, Will Predhomme, Predhomme Inc. Moderator: Rhys Pender MW.

Bubbles: Celebrating Canadian Sparkling Wines
Explore the styles of sparkling wines produced across the country with Jean-Benoit Deslauriers, Benjamin Bridge, Heidi Noble, JoieFarm, Ezra Cipes, Summerhill, Paul Speck, Henry of Pelham, Jakub Lipinski, Big Head, Joseph Luckhurst, Road 13, Matt Dumayne, Okanagan Crush Pad.

Cool Climate Reds: Syrah, Gamay and Cabernet Franc
Elegant, fresh, savoury and expressive, Canada’s cool climate reds compared to their counterparts from around the globe. Michael Bartier, Bartier Bros, Michael Apstein,, Will Predhomme, Predhomme Inc, Mary Bailey, The Tomato food & drink.

Pinot Envy: Canadian Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir specialists pour wines that highlight the differences in vineyard sites, clones and vintages: David Paterson, Tantalus, Grant Stanley, 50th Parallel, Jak Meyer, Meyer Family, Paul Pender, Tawse, Jakub Lipinski, Big Head.

Canada’s Big Reds: Yes We Can!
Canada is not able to produce full-bodied structured red wines? Let’s blow that hoary old chestnut right out of the water: Darryl Brooker, Mission Hill; Elaine Vickers, Blasted Church; John Skinner, Painted Rock; Sophie Laurent, Burrowing Owl; Charles Baker, Stratus; Tony Holler, Poplar Grove; Severine Pinte, La Stella; Joseph Luckhurst, Road 13; Paul Speck, Henry of Pelham.