Kaelin Whittaker’s Asparagus Salad

AWN Kitchen Radish Salad
AWN Kitchen Radish Salad

“We wait so long in Alberta to taste the new season. This easy and delicious salad celebrates three of the first spring ingredients in such a wonderful way.” -Kaelin Whittaker, Awn Kitchen.

250 g asparagus
75 g radish
2–3 spring onions
3 T olive oil
2 t cider vinegar
¼ t dry mustard
salt and pepper

Prepare your vegetables by slicing the asparagus on an angle to create elongated oval slivers, the radish into thin rounds and chop the spring onion finely. Place the olive oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper into a small jam jar, cover and shake well. Toss vegetables well with the dressing. It is best to make this salad an hour or two before serving, leaving it in the fridge to marinate.