Potato, Sausage and Kale Soup (gf)

This recipe works best with really good sausage and bacon so grab some good stuff from Meuwly’s or your local butcher! –Ryan Hotchkiss, Bündok

4 slices bacon, cut into lardons
1 lb sausage, something with some spice such as chorizo, taken out of the casing if fresh or roughly chopped if cured
2 T olive oil plus more for serving
1 onion, medium diced
2 lbs Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled
3 cloves garlic, minced
2 L chicken or vegetable stock
1 bunch green or purple kale, cut or torn into 1×1-inch pieces, thoroughly washed
salt and pepper to taste

Place bacon, sausage and oil in a large pot on medium heat. Cook until the fat is rendered out and the meats are cooked. Remove some fat if there is an excess; should be just enough to cover the bottom of the pot. Throw in onion, garlic and potatoes and cook until just tender.

Add stock and cook until potatoes are cooked. Add kale and cook until kale is done. Add the sausage and bacon back in and season to taste.

Serves 4-6.