Recipe of the week – Pepperonta

A friend’s mother would make this with about 6 cloves of garlic. It was heavenly, and stinky. I prefer it now with no garlic and fresh chopped basil and parsley added at the end. Leaving the mixture in the oil in the fridge overnight is important to develop the rich and mellow pepper flavour. You can add tomatoes or potatoes if you like.

Slowly cook one thinly-sliced medium onion and garlic cloves in extra virgin olive oil until pale and soft (not caramelized). Add 4-6 yellow and red peppers (sliced, ribs removed) Cook on low heat for 30-40 minutes until soft and soupy but still intact. Add parsley and basil if using, and season.

Let sit, overnight in the refrigerator before serving. Keeps for about a week, but it won’t last that long. Makes about 1 cup.