Mike Vincent’s Bear Tips

Afraid of bears? “Guess what, they don’t want to meet you either,” says the Chateau Lake Louise Mountain Guide.

  • Travel in a group. You will look big and noisy and bears don’t want to be around that.
  • Don’t get between a bear and its food source (the berry patch).
  • Stay calm, move slowly and speak loudly to the bear.
  • Bear bells don’t work but making some noise does. Bears don’t see that well, but if they hear you, they will try to avoid you.
  • Sometimes it’s as simple as moving off the path. They want to walk down it too, it’s the easy way, rather than tripping through the bush.
  • Use the five second rule, stop, watch the bear, if they turn around within five seconds you have nothing to worry about.
  • Pay attention, look for bear scat, change your route to avoid the bear.