Irvings Farm Pork Sausage by The Glass Monkey

The Glass Monkey, Irvings Farm Fresh, Dirty Laundry Vineyard

3 lbs Irvings Farm pork shoulder (ground)
½ lb pork fat or bacon (ground)
4 cloves finely minced fresh garlic
4 t kosher salt
2 T fennel seed, toasted and finely ground
1 T finely ground black pepper
½ t finely ground star anise
1 t dried oregano
½ c Dirty Laundry ‘Kay-Syrah’ red wine
¾ c wild blueberries

Thoroughly mix/knead all of the ingredients by hand until well combined.

Form into 4-oz patties, or stuff into sausage casing. Cook patties in a pan or on the grill to an internal temperature of 145⁰F.