Beer-Braised Pulled Pork

Cilantro and Chive (Lacombe), Greener Pastures Ranching, Bent Stick Brewing Co.

Sous chef Julie Reitze served the pulled pork with pickled carrots and red onion on spent grain pretzel baguettes, using the spent grain from Bent Stick.

2 lbs pork shoulder
1 yellow onion
2 carrots
2 stocks celery
1 jalapeño
½ c dijon mustard
¼ c smoked paprika
¼ c brown sugar
1 Imperial stout Bent Stick beer
½ c cornstarch
½ c water

Preheat oven to 250ºF. Place the pork shoulder in a roasting pan.

Cut the onion, celery and carrot into large dices, cut jalapeño and deseed. Put the vegetables into the roasting pan with the pork. Generously cover the pork in mustard. Mix the smoked paprika and brown sugar together, then rub onto the pork. Pour beer over top of the pork and vegetables. Cover with tinfoil, place in oven and roast for approximately 4 hours or until the pork is over 167ºF and very tender.

When the pork is done, remove from the pan and set the juices aside. When cool, pull the pork into small pieces, this should be very easy if the pork is done and tender. Strain the vegetables from the roasting pan and pour the remaining liquid into a sauce pan and heat. Mix corn starch and water together to make a slurry, when the juices start to simmer, pour in slurry to make a gravy. When thick, pour over the pulled pork.