Rhubarb in cocktails?

Why not? I was thinking about how rhubarb could bring new dimension to a cocktail — how its refreshingly sour lemon/lime/red currant flavour complements so many others — tamarind, mint, orange, cardamom, star anise.

Yet, how to tame the pucker factor without loading up on the sugar? What would a professional cocktailissimo do with this quirky stalk? A lot, evidently. Andrew Borley of the Volstead Act and the soon-to-be-opened Woodwork fashioned a sultry coupe by partnering rhubarb with tequila, Lillet, and amaro. Head convivialist Tarquin Melnyk (now practising his unique joie de cocktail in Calgary) takes the classic Dark’n’Stormy as his inspiration; Jordan Watson, barman at the Mac’s Confederation Lounge remodels the Pimm’s Cup; and, we couldn’t say cocktail without including something from the NYTimes’ Rosie Schapp. Enjoy the tartest, tangiest flavour of the season.