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New tastings at Aligra Wines & Spirits (Entrance 58, West Edmonton Mall, 8882 170 Street, 780-483-1083): April 14, Wines from the Loire Valley, $45; May 5, Cinco de Mayo Tequila Tasting, $45. Tastings run from 7pm-9pm unless otherwise noted and pre-registration is required.
To book.
Enjoy the Taste of Italy event at Hicks Fine Wines (109-150 Bellerose Drive, St. Albert, 780-569-5000) with special guest Hayley McRae, Vendemmia Wines, April 30, 7pm, $25. To book.
Grilled Octopus

The 3rd Annual Top One Hundred Best Things to Eat or Drink in Edmonton
We ask readers for their recommendations, we ask friends and colleagues, we check our notes: what were the best things you ate and drank last year?

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Hold the date! Indulgence, the Canadian epic of wine and food is on Monday, June 8 at the Delta. Tickets go on sale May 1
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