Beer Guy

The Beer Guy: 365 bottles of beer on the wall

Walk the Camino. Sail to the Galapagos. Climb Machu Picchu. by Peter Bailey Folks my age have been making bucket lists recently, then heading off somewhere: touring the breweries of Belgium by bicycle. Running the Boston Marathon. Seeing Garth Brooks nine times. I may be the only person in Edmonton who hasn’t been to Iceland …

Beer Guy: Barley brothers

It’s time to switch to whisky, we’ve been drinking beer all night. – Corb Lund by Peter Bailey Corb’s right—there are times when a dram of whisky is called for over a pint of ale. On cold winter nights in Edmonton, for example. Don’t feel badly for beer, though; whisky and beer are family, brothers …

The Beer Guy: The Next Wave

We’ve always had the ingredients for a vibrant craft beer scene in Alberta: world-class barley and malt; clean, pure water; smart, entrepreneurial people who build things and a young, thirsty populace.